“I hope I don’t demand the same demands from myself as I did throughout my career”


The Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal confessed this Monday that he hopes to “have the ability” to “not” demand the same demands as he did “during” his entire career, since he is “in a different time, in unexplored terrain,” after his long injury. hip, although he said he was “prepared” to “enjoy” the court and feel “those nerves, that excitement” again.

“I am and have been afraid to announce things, because in the end it is a year without competing and it is a hip operation. But what worries me the most is not the hip, but everything else. I think I am prepared and I trust and I hope that things go well and that they give me the opportunity to enjoy myself on the track,” the Spaniard started in a message published on his social networks.

The winner of 22 ‘Grand Slam’ confirmed this Friday that he will return to the courts after almost a year of absence due to injury in the Brisbane tournament (Australia), of the ATP 250 category that will be held between December 31 and January 7 .

However, this Monday he wanted to reduce the euphoria with his return to the slopes, because “in the end it is a long time.” “I hope, first of all, to feel those nerves again, that excitement, those fears, those doubts. And I hope of myself not to expect anything. To have the ability to not demand of myself what I have demanded of myself throughout my career,” he explained in a video .

The former world number one injured his iliopsoas on January 19 during his second round match at the Australian Open and, initially, it was estimated that he would be out for six to eight weeks. However, on May 18, the man from Manacor offered a press conference in which he confirmed that he was going to put a “full stop” in his career, also suggesting that 2024 could be the last year of his sporting career. .

Now, after announcing that Brisbane will be the scene of his return, he insisted that he is “in a different time, in unexplored terrain” in which he cannot “exert himself to the maximum.” “Right now what I hope is to be able to not do it, to not push myself to the limit, to accept that things are going to be very difficult at the beginning,” she acknowledged.

“And being able to give myself the necessary time and forgive myself if things go wrong at the beginning, which is a very big possibility,” added the Spaniard with the caution of recent months.

However, Nadal did defend that he will compete and work knowing “that there may be a not-too-distant future in which things can change,” as long as he maintains “the enthusiasm and spirit of work” and his physique “responds.”

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