Huracán Beats Quilmes 79-78 to Become Champions After 14-Year Drought

On this Wednesday night and in a Municipal Sports Center with a large audience from both sides, Huracán beat Quilmes by 79 – 78 and was crowned champion of the year. El Globo won the series after winning in the first match and won the long-awaited title after a 14-year drought.

Quilmes 78 – Hurricane 78

The first quarter started evenly, with Quilmes scoring in the zone and Huracán, doing the same but in a personal way. Both were firm in their marking and somewhat erratic. At this stage, Perticarari was very good in painting. At the end, everything ended 22-20 for the Brewer.

Then, in the second set, the Globe came out more determined and with much more dynamism to move the ball. Thus, Albo recovered due to errors by the Ipucha team and although they maintained a good advantage, they did not know how to take advantage of it and Locatelli’s team went into the break winning 31-35.

In the third stage, and although the team that wore red had the score in its favor by a difference of more than 9 points, La Cerveza evened things out with triples and Luna, who took over the team. The same thing happened for Falcone, with attacks towards the rim and this stage would end 53 – 51 and still, nothing was said. There was more to go and anything could happen on La Rioja Street.

The fourth and final set was back and forth, with a lot of nervousness on both sides and without risking too much. This would have one more chapter, because, at the end of regulation time they would tie at 69 and like the first game played on Friday, they would go to overtime.

In that part it was also for both, and Albo also had a good advantage. But until the end, when Quilmes had the last move and failed, nothing was decided. Final whistle and Huracán, by a free margin, won the final against its classic rival and was crowned the new champion of the year.

Quilmes (78): De Iraeta 3, Perticarari 19, Muñoz 9, Carbonetti 19, Luna 23 [fi]. Ambrosius 2, Marcos Fransen 3, Mariano Franssen. DT: Martín Ipucha.

He made 10 of 12 free throws.

Hurricane (79): Otero, Guzmán 12, Falcone 23, Iraola 4, Fanego 5 [fi]. A. Bayúgar 6, F. Bayúgar 11, Pedro 16, García 3. Coach: Manuel Locatelli

He made 12 of 23 free throws.

Partials: Quilmes 20 – Huracán 22, 31-35, 53-51, 69 – 69. TS: 78-79

Referees: Jorge Ballerini, Sebastian Ebbens and Mark Garcia


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