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Notre-Dame, Olympic Games, 80 years of the Normandy landings… The President of the Republic wants to make 2024 a key year, focused on unity and coming together, after an eventful 2023 for the executive.

Published on 08/12/2023 12:03

Reading time: 1 min Emmanuel Macron on the steps of the Elysée on December 7, 2023. (LUC NOBOUT / MAXPPP)

Pension reform, immigration law, international conflicts, trials of several key ministers… Faced with a complex year 2023, Emmanuel Macron is already starting to outline a year 2024 which he hopes will be punctuated by more positive events.

There will be the reopening of Notre-Dame, scheduled for December 8, 2024 and for which the president will launch the countdown this December 8 by going to the construction site, to visit, among other things, the construction site of the spire, currently in the process of being ‘be reassembled. It is also counting on the commemorations of the 80th anniversary of the landing, which will mark part of the year, and of course on the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games which will mark the summer.

A course to maintain, but still no majority

In short, so many events that the Head of State hopes will be moments of gathering and unity. Of course, all this does not make a breakthrough, but “after pensions and the immigration law, we will perhaps be able to set in motion a more positive dynamic”, wants to believe a minister. So, the president returns to the recipes that worked at the start of his previous five-year term: innovation, and businesses, with a new law in preparation.

But that’s without taking into account the news, which has often caught up with Emmanuel Macron, the economy which will continue to slow down at the start of the year and the European elections, scheduled for next June. The National Rally is already announced as powerful. And then holding a course, but still without a majority, will not be easy, and will therefore perhaps pose a risk: that of imposing the image of an impeded president.

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