How Eintracht Frankfurt contributes to the problem

Video footage shows the riots at Frankfurt’s game against Stuttgart. Image: fanatico_japan/X

The riot at the Bundesliga home game against Stuttgart shows that clubs like Eintracht Frankfurt still haven’t understood that they are part of the problem. They should receive an invoice for this.

Madness has become the rule. Week after week, hundreds of people move out across this republic, securing the entrances to football stadiums and positioning themselves on the access roads. Several hundred thousand euros are due for police operations per Bundesliga game, and the costs for security around football in this republic add up to around 100 million euros per season – paid for by taxpayers. Nobody is surprised about this anymore.

Last weekend the situation in Frankfurt escalated. Up to 400 Eintracht Frankfurt supporters, some of whom were masked, attacked stewards, rescue workers and police officers around the game against VfB Stuttgart. The trigger? A fan apparently felt harassed when a steward asked him about his access rights to the northwest curve.


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