Harry Kane’s New Celebrity Villa: A Look Inside the Former Movie Location!

Harry Kane’s (30) new celebrity villa is quite prominent!

After months of searching, the 100 million new signing from FC Bayern (came from Tottenham Hotspur in August) had just found a super house in a southern suburb of Munich (15 km from Säbener Straße).

To a few very, very attentive fans, his new house might look familiar – from a movie!

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Source: BILD December 8, 2023

Schweighöfer shot a film in the Kane villa!

BILD knows: Matthias Schweighöfer (42) filmed his cinema hit “Father Joys” in the modern mega-villa with a large living area and XXL terrace.

The film producer, director and actor rented the property to film some scenes in the 2014 comedy. So if you want to take a look at the new Kane villa, you just have to watch the Schweighöfer film again.

Film producer, director and actor Matthias Schweighöfer

Photo: Christoph Soeder/dpa

Kane is currently in the process of moving into the film house!

The super striker (22 goals in 18 competitive games for his new club) wants to be in the new villa by Christmas. His wife Katie and their four children Ivy Jane, Vivienne Jane, Louis Harry and Henry Edward are said to have moved from England by then. There should also be enough rooms for his brother Charlie, mother Kim, father Pat and the two nannies.

Harry Kane is currently moving into this villa in a southern suburb of Munich

Photo: Dennis Brosda

There are currently craftsmen in the house – including a company that, among other things, repairs water damage. The first facilities are being carried out in the top property.

In addition to the XXL terrace with a view of the greenery, the villa also offers a whirlpool, a beautiful spa area and, above all, enough space for his souvenir balls after the three-pack.

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The location: perfect! In a dead end, a large field next door, almost 25 minutes by car from the training area on Säbener Straße and directly on the Isar.

But: On the side of the property facing the Isar, there is a danger to life due to the snow chaos and the slippery weather! Signs indicate this on the closed sidewalk below the villa.

The Kane Villa: There are two delivery trucks in front of it, the public path to the Isar is closed on the right – danger to life!

Photo: Dennis Brosda

The Kane villa not only has a film past, it was also a party house. According to the BILD podcast “Bayern Insider,” one of his previous tenants was ex-defender Lucas Hernández (27/went to PSG for 45 million euros in the summer). The 80 million dollar Frenchman was known in the Bayern team for his sometimes wild parties. Before that, Bayern legend Mehmet Scholl (53) also lived there.

Now it’s getting quieter: family man Kane won’t be filming any hit films there or having wild parties!

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