Haramara Gaitán on the Road to the 2024 Paris Olympics: A Contender to Watch

The royal Haramara Gaitn is approaching the 2024 Paris Olympics
PHOTO: Cortesa

With a continental tour full of podiums and adding points in the ranking heading to Paris 2024, the Olympic in Tokyo 2020 and representative of Nuevo León, Haramara Gaitnwas called to face the best in the world in the Canadian International Challenge.

The champion of the San Salvador 2023 Central American Games and national team at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, will be competing in Toronto starting Thursday, seeking to harvest the valuable units that bring her closer to qualifying for the summer Olympics agreed on French soil in 2024.

The National Sports Commission officially announced that the scholarship recipients of the State Sports Institute, such as Haramara, Armando Gaitn, Ramn Garridoy Vanessa Garciaform the Mexican team that will compete in the Badminton World Federation competition, competing against 15 countries.

“Little by little we are getting closer to the classification zone in Paris, there is confidence that we will achieve it in the first half of 2024,” said Haramara, national champion of the specialty and member of the UANL team.

Gaitn had her last test on the continental circuit, winning the 2023 Suriname International in the individual and women’s pairs modality, where she was accompanied by the Mexican Sabrina Sols.

At the moment, Garrido is the closest to qualifying for Paris 2024, after placing among the top 30 in the world (they rank 34).

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