Guard’s Return to the Court Amidst Ongoing Investigation of Traumatic Accident

The 27-year-old guard could be used again in the duel against the Washington Wizards on Thursday night (CET). Meanwhile, the Nov. 11 accident, which he described as “traumatizing,” remains under investigation.

“I just wish my life wasn’t like The Truman Show, where everyone kind of watches and has their own opinion about my life,” he said. Because it is an ongoing case, he could not reveal any details about the accident. He was hospitalized at the time with a broken rib and other injuries.

According to media reports, Oubre was a pedestrian who was hit by a car near his home in Philadelphia. According to their own statements, the police have not yet found any evidence of a possible perpetrator. There are also no video recordings that captured the accident.

2023-12-05 10:02:00
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