Good feelings and old problems in Jandro’s new Amorebieta

The bet presented by Jandro Castro’s Amorebieta this Sunday in Lezama left a generally good taste in the mouths of the Zornotzarra fans, who were able to see in certain phases of the game a team that was quite similar to that of the first days. Showing good manners with the ball, combining and regularly reaching dangerous areas. However, it was also clear that Urritxe’s team has a problem in front of the rival goal, something that has been hindering them for a good part of this season. Not counting the maximum penalty wasted as soon as the duel against the Maños began, the blues had a good bouquet of more than interesting arrivals, but they lacked that necessary bite for the Asturian coach’s debut to have been round.

Regarding the green, there was not much news in terms of names, as could well be expected. Just a couple of tweaks to fit the team’s new tactical disposition, which maintained order and defensive solvency and did not suffer too much against a Zaragoza that had more ball but was away from danger zones. With just three days of intense work, the most logical thing seemed to be to bet on the bulk of players who had been performing more regularly in recent days. On Thursday, against Alcorcón, again in Lezama, there will be a new opportunity to check if Jandro continues to touch up pawns.

In this duel between very needy teams with which those from Urritxe will end the first round, Amorebieta is obliged to win civilly or criminally. Seeing the intentions of the Mierense coach, the way to get three absolutely vital points is to dominate the ball, combine and know how to generate space, as he did against Zaragoza. And, above all, maintain that forcefulness and defensive concentration shown against the strong team.

Half happy

Jandro Castro liked what he saw of his team on field 2 in Lezama. Although there is still room for improvement, the new Zornotzarras coach pointed out that he saw an Amorebieta who “is not very far away” from the idea that he has for Urritxe’s team in terms of playing. “Of course we have things to work on and improve, but I have seen a team that I like, what we have done these days in training has been reflected on the field,” he acknowledged after the match when asked by El Correo.

“We have been training for three days morning and afternoon, they have taken what we have worked on quite well,” he congratulated himself. Jandro highlighted of his team that “we had chances to score the second goal, they defended very well, we combined well, we reached the area well…”. In short, he was “happy with the team’s work.”

Regarding the team’s lack of scoring expertise, Jandro seemed calm and confident. «When you generate, you are doing something well. If you put them in, much better. “I know they will come in,” he said. “If the team generates, plays well and defends well, this is the line to follow to try to win games,” he added.

Questioned about the new features introduced in the team, the Asturian commented that he had the eleven “that he considered at this time.” «I haven’t thought about whether they were playing before. They are the ones that I thought, I have seen and I believed that they could help us in this game,” he stressed. He also hinted that the tactical system shown may not be the definitive one. «I like this system but I do not rule out playing in a different way because we also have to adapt to our rivals, always trying to compete from our idea. Later, we’ll see,” he said, letting out a telltale smile.

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