Golden State Warriors: Changes in the Starting Five on the Horizon?

Victorious in a landslide against the Blazers last night, the Warriors are far from reassuring this season. Aware that his team is going through a bad patch, Steve Kerr would be ready to test a new starting five.

Finally some change among the Warriors? Eleventh in the West with 10 wins for 11 losses, Golden State currently does not look anything like a future 2024 NBA champion. The franchise had chosen to recruit several veterans this summer to boost its competitiveness but the mayonnaise is not taking on the San Francisco side.

Besides the injuries, there are a lot of things going wrong with the Dubs. Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins are far from their best level, Stephen Curry is royal but too alone in scoring, the bench is too irregular, it lacks a circle protector under the panels, without forgetting Steve Kerr who is starting to accumulate the critics on the bench.

Speaking of Steve Kerr, he seems (finally) ready to move his pawns. According to ESPNthe Warriors coach is ready to change his starting five to improve his team’s situation.

“Mayonnaise doesn’t take as much this season. We had a lot of players who played well, but we may have to consider changing the starting five from game to game, depending on the opponent. I’d rather have something solid, but we haven’t established anything this year. We are a quarter of the way through the year, so we need to think about all of this.”

Steve Kerr therefore seems ready to change things but not necessarily over time, more on a case-by-case basis, depending on the team in front.

Who could suffer from these possible changes? Stephen Curry is untouchable and it is hard to imagine Draymond Green becoming a replacement. So that leaves Kevon Looney, Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson. Regarding the pivot, it wouldn’t necessarily be a big surprise because he spent his career alternating between bench and titus. For Wiggins and Thompson, it’s a little more complicated.

Both players have always been starters and a stint on the bench could be a bad experience. We recall that Klay Thompson had notably clashed with a journalist who had spoken to him about this option in November. Not extended last summer, the Splash Brother would take another blow in the head with this new status. Thompson or Wiggins out, this could benefit Moses Moody who we see to his advantage at the start of the season. So what does Steve Kerr have in store for us?

Source texte : ESPN

2023-12-07 16:28:00
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