Gaubeka and Ibai Pérez will play in the final of the pala league

Saturday, December 9, 2023, 11:14 p.m.


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Maldonado and Urrutia already have rivals for Friday’s final of the Kutxabank de pala League. Gaubeka and Ibai Pérez gave their all and beat Necol and Alkorta (1-3) at the Bizkaia fronton. Even though Sestao’s defender has plantar fasciitis, he once again grew big to exasperate his rivals, who only lasted the first game (10-7).

In the second, the reaction of the people of Biscay was overwhelming. The bodyguard was solid and well helped by his teammate, they tied the game (4-10). In the next two games they used experience to hold on and take down their opponents (7-10 and 9-10). Necol did not make the right decisions and failed more than necessary, even though Alkorta performed at a good level.

Good debut for Madariaga

In the first match of the festival, Madariaga debuted with victory (1-3 –7-10, 10-8, 8-10 and 5-10–). Well accompanied by Urrutia, he beat Maldonado and Gordon. The young striker from Armintza showed self-confidence despite the difficulties and had a good match.

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