Founder of Groupama-FDJ Demands Suspension of Novak Djokovic for Skipping Doping Test

The founder and manager of Groupama-FDJ demanded that the tennis authorities sanction the Serbian for abstaining from testing in the run-up to the Davis Cup quarterfinals against Cameron Norrie.

Novak Djokovic closed a spectacular year as world number 1 in the ATP ranking in addition to winning seven titles, becoming the man with the most Grand Slams in history and accumulating a surprising balance of 55 wins and just 6 losses in all of 2023. However , are not all positive for the Serbian: he skipped an anti-doping control and they are calling for his suspension.

Marc Madiot, founder and manager of the Groupama-FDJ cycling team, demanded that the sports authorities sanction him for refusing to take the test prior to the match against the British Cameron Norrie in the quarterfinals of the Davis Cup held in Malaga. , Spain.

“There are several doping products that are detectable in a very limited period of time. If you do not take the test before the start of the competition, the duration of the match allows you to eliminate its remains. That is the reason why the controls were introduced before the games,” the 64-year-old Frenchman explained to the RMC Sports network.

Djokovic had justified his rejection of the test: “It makes no sense to do it before when I’m going to be there after the match. They told me an hour and a half before starting and I have my pre-match routines and I don’t have to think at that moment about giving blood or urine.”

It was because of that defense from the Serbian that Madiot exploded: “It’s surreal that they notify you because it would no longer be a surprise control. They have the right to do controls before and after a competition. If the anti-doping body does its job, it should be suspended. If If it were cycling, I would already be sanctioned.

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2023-12-01 15:39:00
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