Fortitudo UnipolSai: Ready to Change for the New Elite Baseball Championship Formula

Italian champion and, as always, ready to change her skin in the race. It is the story of Daniele Frignani’s Fortitudo UnipolSai, ready to review its plans on the basis of the new formula. The formula changes: no longer a championship with over thirty teams, divided into groups, but an elite with six teams. At the top there will be the two teams from Grosseto, San Marino, Parma, Macerata and, indeed, Fortitudo. It will be played over seven innings: three matches a week between Friday and Saturday.

First phase from 26 April to 6 July: with the stop, between the end of May and the beginning of June, for a Champions Cup which, as a format, does not yet seem to satisfy our home teams much.

The top four in the championship will qualify for the playoffs: from 26 July to 2 August the best-of-five quarterfinals. Then the semi-finals from 7 to 19 August, best of seven and the final, which will be called the Italian Baseball Series, from 24 August to 5 September.

It is still early to understand what Fortitudo’s plans will be which, as per tradition, will meet in Casteldebole between the end of January and the beginning of February. But both the president, Pierluigi Bissa, and the sporting director, Christian Mura, are already at work. It will be up to the director to churn out one of his many operational plans.

Nothing definitive, but it is clear that, with three visas available, one will be as Raul Rivero’s tradition. The pitcher, who celebrated his first 10 years in Italy, will once again climb the mound to make a difference. While waiting to understand what Robel Garcia and Claudio Scotti, who always have the States in their sights, can do, the pitchers’ package should not be touched with Pippo Crepaldi, Alex Bassani and Maurizio Andretta, Joseph Cuomo, Federico Robles and Marc Civit.

Confirmations also for the Italians Lorenzo Dobboletta, Filippo Agretti, Julian Dreni, Alessandro Deotto, Riccardo Bertossi Francesco Fuzzi and Samuele Gamberini. There shouldn’t be any problems with Ricardo Segundo Paolini (mvp of the last final) and Ernesto Liberatore either. The community members have settled in: it is easy to see many again including Eugene Helder, Shakir Albert, Darren Seferina and Kevin Josephina.

And from August, then, from the semi-finals onwards, there could be the return of Alessandro Vaglio, who will end the period of disqualification. Vaglio has always remained close to the team in this period of time, his teammates have never let him lack their support and it is not difficult to think that he will find a place in the group again.

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