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The betting case expands in Campania. As reported The morningyesterday morning the Financial Police carried out a search at the home of Christian Pastina, defender of Benevento (a team that currently plays in Serie C), on mandate from the Benevento prosecutor’s office. The crime is alleged to be clandestine betting, the same case accused of Fagioli, Tonali, Zaniolo and Florenzi, involved in the Turin investigation.

Florenzi in the federal prosecutor’s office for the Matteo Pinci betting case 30 November 2023

Pastina, Coda, Forte and Letizia are involved

Pastina is not the only player involved, there are also three former teammates: Massimo Codanow Cremonese style, Francesco Forte of Cosenza e Gaetano Letizia, former captain of Benevento now on loan to Feralpi Salò. Two other people, not footballers, are also in the investigation. Last year Benevento finished last in the B championship and was relegated to C.

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