Five Quarterbacks Up and Five Down After 13th Day of 2023 NFL Season

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Five quarterbacks up and five down after the thirteenth day of the 2023 regular season

The last day of the regular season gave us a truly surprising performance in the duel of “Monday Night Football” which ended up being one of the big surprises in the entire campaign for our weekly list.

In the Week 13there were three quarterbacks exceeding the 90-point barrier in the Total QBR metric, but no one was below 15 points, suggesting a more or less decent day collectively.

Matthew Stafford has shown significant improvement in recent weeks, but nothing changed in New England with Bailey Zappe at the controls. ESPN


The Niners quarterback shone brightly in a duel with a lot of emotional investment: a visit to the same Lincoln Financial Field where he injured his elbow in the last NFC Championship Game, leaving San Francisco stranded in a sea of ​​brilliant quarterback hunters to Philly. Revenge was sweet, even though it is said that there was no revenge in mind. Purdy completed 19 of 27 passes for 314 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions, achieving the second best mark of the day in average yards per pass attempt, with 11.6. No one threw for more touchdown passes over the weekend than him, and he also ranked third in passing production while completing 70.4 percent of his passes, good for sixth among all quarterbacks. As if that weren’t enough, Purdy finished eighth in completions over expectation with 3.9 percent, and eighth in pass inaccuracy rate, with just 12.5 percent. His performance earned him a Total QBR of 82.1, the fifth best of the day.

Green Bay’s quarterback stays on fire in the tundra. In Week 14, he posted the second-best Total QBR in the NFL with a 90.3, a product of his 25-of-36 completions for 267 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions, among other things. Love ranked seventh in completion rate at 69.4 percent, and was the 10th most productive passer through the air on the date. After such a bad first part of the season, Love has signed one of the best individual mid-season recoveries in the entire league.

The Seahawks gave everything against the Cowboys, and if they lost, it was not thanks to the quarterback’s play. Smith scored, despite the defeat, the best Total QBR of Week 13, a 91.2, which was derived from numbers such as his 23 completions of 41 attempts for 334 yards with three touchdowns against one interception, in addition to a score land. He was not sacked on a day in which he threw for the second most yards of the day and was eighth in average yards per pass attempt, with 8.1, in addition to recording the tenth best rate of inaccurate passes, with 15.0 per hundred.

Stafford is back, and with him, the Rams, in the fight for the postseason. The quarterback of the Los Angeles team scored a 78.5 in Total QBR, sixth highest in the entire league, which occurred by virtue of his 22 of 37 attempts for 279 yards with three touchdowns without interceptions or sacks against. Stafford, the eighth most prolific passer of the day, moved into ninth place in average yards per pass attempt with 7.5, returning some punch to an offense that spent much of the start of the season snoozing.

The most surprising name of the day played on Monday night. Browning posted a very respectable Total QBR of 84.0, good for fourth best in the league for the day, thanks in part to his 32 of 37 attempts for 354 yards with a touchdown without an interception, through the air, along with a rushing score. It was quite gratifying to see Browning lead the league in completion percentage at 86.5 percent, completion percentage above expectation at 15.3 percent, incompletion rate at an unheard of 0.0 percent, and passing yards. As if that weren’t enough, he ranked fifth in the league with 9.6 yards per pass attempt. Browning is not ready to take the starting job from Joe Burrow, but he is ready to attract the attention of other clubs with much more expensive and less efficient quarterbacks.


The Bucs received from Mayfield in Week 13 14 of 29 attempts for 202 yards with a touchdown and an interception, and -2 yards on two carries. Mayfield finished his afternoon with the second-worst completion percentage in the league, at 48.3 percent, and was also second-to-last in completion rate above expectation, at negative -11.1 percent. His 22.2 percent passing accuracy was the ninth-highest, and his Total QBR of 25.2 was the eighth-worst among qualified passers for the weekend.

How has it gone for Boyle, who is no longer part of the organization? The now former Jets quarterback managed to complete only 14 of 25 passes for 148 yards with no touchdowns and one interception in his second start for the organization, and was eventually replaced by Trevor Siemian. Before leaving for the bench, Boyle had a 56 percent completion rate that was the eighth-lowest rate in the league, a negative -5.9 percent completion rate over expectation that was the ninth-worst figure, an average of 5.9 yards per pass attempt that was sixth-lowest on the weekend, and a 26.1 inaccurate pass rate that ranked fourth-worst in the NFL. To top it all off, he was the sixth-worst passer in terms of passing yards for the day and his 22.2 saw him have the sixth-lowest Total QBR on the day.

The good time is over for Wilson and the good time is over for the Broncos. He was the only quarterback in the entire league to throw multiple interceptions, three, and only completed one touchdown pass after putting the ball in the air 26 times, of which he only connected 15 times for 186 yards — he was the eighth lowest passer prolific of the date thirteenth in yards through the air–, although he did manage to score once on the ground, part of his 10 carries for 44 yards. He was sacked three times, and his 20.4 Total QBR ranked fifth worst in ESPN Stats & Information’s metric.

The nightmare debut campaign continues for Young, even after the replacement as head coach in Carolina. The Heisman winner managed to connect on 15 of his 31 pass attempts alone, for 178 yards, and was sacked four times, in addition to fumbling. With an 18.9 Total QBR that left him third-to-last on the day, Young was also second-to-last in completion percentage at 48.4 percent, and no one had a higher rate of inaccurate passes than his 34.6 percent. On top of it all, he ranked seventh-worst in completion rate over expectation, at negative -6.2 percent, and fifth-worst in average yards per pass attempt, at 5.7 percent.

The broken compass at New England’s quarterback position could not be fixed with Zappe in Week 13, leaving him instead with the worst Total QBR of all, a 16.2. Zappe was also the third-worst quarterback in average yards per pass attempt, with 5.6, and the third-worst quarterback in completions over expectation, with -10.1 percent. He also ranked fifth-worst in completion percentage at 52.0 percent, and only three starters on the day threw for fewer yards than him. He was sacked five times, but his worst total was the zero that appeared on the scoreboard next to the Patriots’ name, since with him at the controls, the offense was unable to generate a point in the game. day.

Statistics and metrics from ESPN Stats & Information and TruMedia

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