Filippo Colonna Named New Manager of A1 Softball Team Old Parma

The Oltretorrente baseball and softball Group is pleased to announce the name of the new manager of the A1 softball team Old Parma who replaces Andrea Longagnani confirmed as sporting director. This is the softball technician and pitching coach Filippo Colonna, who spent the year at the helm of the Collecchio A2 and Under 18 series.

“We are happy that Filippo has joined our family – said director Longagnani – because with all due respect for foreign coaches, I believe the time has come to trust and invest in our technicians and our talents. Among other things, Colonna already boasts experience in the A1 series, he comes from a good championship in A2 with Collecchio, I believe and think he has the ability to carry our team forward in a championship that promises to be of a good level. Filippo has the qualities to support him and the right experience.” Colonna commented on the news of the engagement as follows: “I embraced the project that was proposed to me by Andrea Paini (president of the Oltretorrente baseball and softball Group) and by the sports director Andrea Longagnani because I was interested in being part of an Italian technical project and I we are interested in training and developing the young Under 18s who will be included in the A1 series roster and who will have the opportunity to make their debut in times of need. I believe that the team entrusted to me has excellent technique.”

Colonna, former player, third place in the Student category in 1980, Italian Junior champion and promotion to Serie B with Sorbolo in 1986, vice champion of Italy in 1988-1989 Under 21 with World Vision Parma, promoted to Serie B with Schiaretti in 1990, winner of the Serie B championship in 1995 with Sala Baganza, of the Serie A2 championship with Junior Parma in 1996-1997 and of the Serie B in 2004 with Oltretorrente. As a technician, his CV speaks volumes.
Colonna boasts decades of experience at youth, senior and national level. The new manager made his debut in 1984 where until 1996 he led the youth sector of Langhirano, achieving a third place in Italy with the Girls category and a second with the Cadettes. In 1997-1998 he coached Langhirano in Serie A, in 1999 Langhirano in the youth sector. The following year until 2005 he continued his career in A2 and in the youth teams in Collecchio. In 2006 and 2007 (second in Italy) Cadette category coach of Old Parma.
In 2008 another second place was achieved with the Cadettes of Old Parma. From 2009 until 2011 the move to Reggio Emilia in Serie A2. In 2012 he achieved a third place in Italy in the Under 21 team of Old Parma, in 2013 he coached A2 and promoted to the top flight with Old Parma, in 2014 he coached ISL with Old Parma. In the same year Colonna was appointed as coach of the Cadette national team. In 2015 European champion with the Under 16 national team and with the Sala Baganza Cadettes in the championship semi-finals. In 2016 he returned to Old Parma as Cadette and Under 21 coach. In 2017 third place in Italy with Collecchio’s Under 13 team and third place at the Under 13 European Championships as coach of Italy. In 2018, third place in Italy with the Collecchio Under 13 team and third place in Seattle with the Emilia Romagna Under 16 team at the World Series Senior League. In 2019 third place in Italy with the Under 12s and second with the Under 15s with Collecchio and third place at the Tournament of Regions with the Emilia-Romagna Under 16s representative.
In 2020 coach of the Under 12 and Under 15 categories of Collecchio with third place in the Under 15. In 2021 and
2022 in Brescia in Serie B with a fourth and third place in the championship, in 2023 at Collecchio in Serie A2 and Under 18.

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