Feyenoord Falters Against PSV: A Critical Analysis

Feyenoord did themselves a disservice with the loss against PSV. In the space of three minutes, PSV took control of the game, thanks to goals from Ismael Saibari and Olivier Boscagli.

Valentijn Driessen is clearly in front of the camera The Telegraph: “I thought PSV was fully entitled to this victory,” he says. “Before the match, Slot said that Feyenoord has won ten of the last eleven matches. By that he meant the Eredivisie. But you can also make a list: they have lost four of the last seven matches. That includes FC Twente , PSV, Lazio Roma and Atletico Madrid,” said Driessen.

“They have just lost it a bit, Slot has lost it a bit,” he continues critically. “We had some criticisms about the tactics in the match against Atletico Madrid with two wingers Minteh and Paixão and now he starts on the wings with Stengs and Ivanusec. Well, Ivanusec is just not in shape and Stengs did well with the Dutch National Team “, but that was against Gibraltar. He then opted for those two very attacking wingers against Atletico, and now for two more defensive ones. I think those are two errors of judgment that he has made,” Driessen notes.

“He just doesn’t have it at the moment. Then Pusic’s absence is jokingly mentioned and of course that should not take on a life of its own,” he emphasizes. “But it is time to start winning these kinds of matches. Ten points behind is simply too much. Feyenoord will not make up for that, especially because PSV will no longer lose so many points,” Driessen predicts.


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