Fede Valverde: The Footballer Who Prioritizes Dreams Over Money

Money is not everything or at least there are footballers who still prioritize sporting dreams. We cannot deceive ourselves and money is a great incentive to fulfill the desires of the majority of everyone, but it is true that the position of some allows them to enjoy certain ‘luxuries’. Fede Valverde has given more than enough proof of being able to do without certain things in order to continue living a sporting dream that few in the world can achieve, which is to one day be able to wear the captain’s armband of Real Madrid in full. And that is something that his contract until 2029 brings closer to possible.

Saying it, as may be the case for many, is not the same as giving up many millions of euros with which your entire family could live throughout their existence. And all to touch the sports sky. That’s what the Uruguayan has done. In parallel, the leaders of Real Madrid and the midfielder’s agent reached an agreement that facilitates that dream, which is none other than signing a contract valid until June 30, 2029, with which he would complete thirteen years in the Madrid entity and eleven seasons in the Real Madrid first team.

Mountains of bills

Saudi Arabia and its big money knocked on Valverde’s door last summer. Other top-level European teams had done it before (Bayern insistently), but he didn’t even consider it. Months ago, The doubt of some that it was not theirs was born from the hand of that enormous amount of money that the Saudi League put on the table and, furthermore, the promise that is beginning to become a reality of offering an increasingly competitive championship.

Days ago, the website 365 scores published an interview by Martín Campaña, Valverde’s teammate in the national team, in which he discovered the silent resignation of the Uruguayan. And all to be able to proudly wear that bracelet with the Real Madrid shield, the dream of the boy who arrived in Valdebebas without knowing the state of his underwear that day.

Many, starting with Carlo Ancelotti, are those who think that Valverde is called to be the leader of Real Madrid. The Italian puts him in trouble with challenges. The one from last season talked about the goals and what he had to contribute, a challenge that was more than overcome, and now ‘force’ him to be the total midfielder, the one who is capable of stealing the ball in his own area and driving it to the opponent, the who distributes and fights, who can keep the rhythm of the game and who breaks it, that is, the total player.

Fede Valverde is, without a doubt, the best exponent of detecting young talent and of the white club’s commitment to a strategy that is working, but that with the Uruguayan has multiplied exponentially. Of the five million euros that he cost, His price has multiplied by twenty or more, an amount that the Saudi League was willing to put on the table for making the midfielder their great reference, but they already know that the pride of being captain of Real Madrid can do anything. At least for Fede Valverde.

With that of the Uruguayan, plus the other renewals made official in recent weeks and signings like that of BellinghamReal Madrid ensures the future, but without disregarding the present, as they are demonstrating this season.

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