FC Barcelona’s Urgent Need for a Victory

12/20/2023 Act. at 20:04 CET

Vital to finish 2023 with a victory in the League. After three games in a row without winning, Xavi Hernández’s team received the bottom player Almería in Montjuïc in search of three points and to win sensations. They need them, the Barça team needed them.

For the appointment at home, the Egarense coach had to invent an unprecedented midfield with Ilkay Gündogan, Sergi Roberto and Fermín López due to the significant losses of Frenkie de Jong and Pedri. Opportunity for the one from Reus and for the one from El Campillo; Behind, rest for Jules Koundé and inside Andreas Christensen eager for minutes as well.

What Xavi has not touched regarding the duel at Mestalla has been the attack with Raphinha on the right, Joao Félix on the left and Lewandowski in the center.


Iñaki Peña (5), Unpublished: The man from Alicante barely participated beyond the goal, in which Baptistao beat him one for one. He has intervened with his feet on numerous occasions, but without major incident.

Joao Cancelo (5), Intense: Incisive on the right, closing well behind. But without being able to produce at an offensive level. He has lost a bit of that clairvoyance and that ability to hurt the Portuguese.

Araujo (5), Unrecognizable: He was key in the 1-0 lead with a trademark header that led to Raphinha’s goal. But he has lost two unforgivable balls for a center back. The second, a rebound, made it 1-1.

Christensen (5), Conditioned: The Dane was hurt very early by a yellow card in a loss that had not been his fault. Not as reliable as we are used to.

Bucket (5), Daring: More lively than the last games. Looking to break lines and surprise from behind. He is not that Bucket from last year, but he must lose respect for joining by dividing from behind.

Gündogan (4), Erratic: The German-Turkish player lost two very delicate balls. Thick in the creation (his colleagues have not helped at all) and not very accurate in some delicate deliveries.

Sergi Roberto (4), Misplaced: The captain has returned to the eleven for the first time in a long time in the League. Discreet first half, without giving fluidity to the game and not very accurate.

Fermín López (5), Peleón: The one from El Campillo has been one of the few that has bitten, that has put pressure on. The Andalusian has not been very successful in triangulations, but he has contributed strength.

Raphinha (6), Claimed: To his usual dose of dedication, the Brazilian has added a goal. A goal hunter, being in the right place at the right time. Without fanfare, but an acceptable match.

Joao Félix (4), Absent: We have seen little or nothing of the Portuguese. Too irregular, he has waged war on his own account and has given neither lucidity nor effectiveness to the offensive part.

Lewandowski (4), Wasted: The Pole has made a very clear mistake. And that is already a negative headline. Apart from that, little participation and with little supply of balls.

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