Facundo Campazzo Optimistic About Argentina’s Basketball Future

Buenos Aires, Dec 6 (EFE).- Real Madrid’s Argentine point guard, Facundo Campazzo, positively valued the Argentine coach, former player Pablo Prigioni, and the new ‘brood’ of the Albiceleste against the remembered Golden Generation.

“Now we have a very good coach like Pablo and there is new material, with players who are in Spain and Europe and are doing well. We have to put the energy there, to continue creating the group, in that identity and that way of playing that always characterized the Argentine team,” he declared in an interview with the Argentine newspaper La NaciĆ³n.

The player who won World Cup silver with Argentina in 2019 spoke of the difficult moment that the Albiceleste is going through, which did not qualify for the last World Cup in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, and will not compete in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games either.

“It was difficult at the time and it continues to be difficult, but I think that is part of this: you win and you lose. It is difficult to qualify for a World Cup and an Olympic Games,” he said.

The Madrid leader highlighted the complication that it is for Argentina, with basketball players spread around the world, to face other teams that share more time and recalled that the so-called Golden Generation, that spectacular combination of players that won silver in the 2002 World Cup in the United States, gold in the 2004 Athens Games and bronze in Beijing 2008, has already happened and now they should “be calm and think about what’s next.”

The former Denver Nuggets and Red Star Belgrade player spoke about his return to Real Madrid, a club he joined in 2014 and to which he returned after his tour of the United States, which began in 2020 and ended last year with his signing for the Serbian team.

“I know everyone here, the plays are more or less the same, the people who work behind the team are also the same and I have played with most of my teammates before leaving, so I feel as if I had never left, really,” he said about his return to Madrid, a city that feels like his “second home.”

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On the other hand, he also talked about his time in the NBA, which he considers the “best league in the world” and where he says he really enjoyed playing despite his limited role in the Denver Nuggets and the Dallas Mavericks.

Furthermore, Campazzo compared the life and demands of athletes on the European continent, where he highlighted that, unlike the American competition, “each match is a final.”

“Here, in terms of travel, it is calmer, but you do experience the game with much more importance perhaps, you prepare much more and if you lose it really hurts a little more, because it is the culture of Europe and perhaps in Argentina it also happens. the same thing, that each game is a final that we have to win, that we have to prepare in the best way, so you always have your finger on the trigger,” he declared.

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