Excitement Builds for the Inaugural NBA Cup Final Four in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is already waiting for the four candidates to raise the first NBA Cup of history. The city of lights and sin in Nevada will host this Thursday, December 7 and Saturday, December 9 in the United States, the early mornings of Friday the 8th and Sunday the 10th in Spain, the Final Four of the In-Season Tournament that seeks to establish a new tradition and lineage of champions in the competition.

With the victories of the Lakers and the Bucks in the second round of quarterfinals, the final draw of the NBA’s inaugural midseason tournament is finally resolved. This is how the semi-final matches, the calendar and the schedules (in peninsular time) of the new title at stake remain:

Day 7: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Indiana Pacers (11:00 p.m.) Day 8: Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Orleans Pelicans (03:00h)

The grand final will be held at dawn on December 10 in Spain at the spectacular Sphere in Las Vegas. The schedule of the title game has already been determined by the NBA:

Day 10: Bucks or Pacers vs. Lakers or Pelicans (02:30h)

How to watch the In-Season Tournament on television?

As usual, the televised broadcast in Spain of the semifinals and final of the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament can be seen through two payment options. The first is the League Pass from the American league itself, which still offers free one-week trials that include viewing the NBA Cup. The second is the platform Movistar +, which will give the first semi-final on dial 53 (Vamos por M+) and the second on dial 7, the new M+ channel. The final will also be on dial 7 and M+.

Mundo Deportivo will provide special coverage of the IST Final Four through social networks and the newspaper’s website.

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