Exceptional strikeout, Ramos disappointing… the tops and the flops


Intractable in defense and carried by Léo Barré, the Parisians brought down the Toulouse (27-12) this Sunday at Jean Bouin.


Léo Barré had fire in his legs

The Stade Français fullback, author of a double (7th, 72nd), greatly contributed to his team’s deserved success against Stade Toulousain (27-12). Very much in Cannes, the number 15 of the Pink Soldiers set the tone for the evening by shining on the first ball of the match with a little kick over the top for himself. The aftermath of his meeting? Crossings, interval shots and a burst of speed which made the Toulouse defense suffer. His two attempts reward his almost perfect performance, without waste or bad choices. Barré is undoubtedly the man of this Classico, at least on the offensive level.

The intractable defense of the Parisians

It’s difficult to stand out an individual from the crowd as the collective work of the Pink Soldiers in defense was colossal. Always in contact in the rucks and very aggressive, Laurent Labit’s players asphyxiated those of Ugo Mola, without solution during the first act. The interminable sequence beyond the 40th minute, concluded by a Parisian recovery in front of the line, sums up this coup by the Pink Army. From Gabrillagues to Briatte, via Hirigoyen and Halaifonua, everyone got into tune this evening in Paris. A major performance which allows the residents of Jean-Bouin to achieve a 5th success in a row at home against their historic rival.

Rory Cooked a cartridge

Disappointing against Racing 92, the Parisian scrum-half set the record straight in this Classico. Entering in Weber’s place in the 43rd minute, the 37-year-old veteran brought all his experience and knowledge of the game to the fore. His cleanliness with the ball in hand and his cunning benefitted Stade Français. Very inspired, the former Castres sent Laloi and then Barré to try out at the end of the game. It was very big Kockott tonight.


Thomas Ramos’ difficult evening

Holder at the opening, the Toulousain experienced a very unusual waste against the poles, leaving five points on the way despite goal positions rather on his ropes. Otherwise, the French international never found the passing solutions against the impassable block of the Parisians. It remains to be seen whether Ugo Mola will continue to use him in the 10 in the coming weeks or if he will find his place at the back, where he shines more.

Lucas Tauzin misses

Like the entire Toulouse back line, the 25-year-old winger missed his game badly. Undisciplined and guilty of several technical errors, Tauzin could not hope for better this evening with such confusion in his game. It must be said that his partners, Chocobares, Retière and Ahki, were hardly more inspired. The people of Toulouse, far too clumsy, logically leave Paris empty-handed.

Toulouse continues to travel poorly

Third loss in a row away from home for Stade Toulousain after Pau and Castres. Since the start of the season, the reigning French champions have only won one match in five away (four defeats) and have delivered performances far from expectations. Beaten in the impact and ineffective in attack, Ugo Mola’s players returned to Toulouse, once again, frustrated. Next test with Harlequins in the European Cup on December 17, after the reception of Cardiff next Saturday.


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