EM 2024: Excitement about groaning noises during the draw

Sports scandal in the Elbphilharmonie

The reason for the moaning noises during the European Championship draw

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Lucky draw for Germany – these are the national team’s group opponents

The German national team was drawn into a feasible group. National coach Julian Nagelsmann’s team will face Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland in the preliminary round of the European Championships in their own country.

There is a disruption in the draw for the European Championship groups in Hamburg. Bizarre noises cause confusion in the Elbphilharmonie hall and among television viewers. A comedian then commits to a special action.

An unusual incident occurred during the draw for the groups for the 2024 European Football Championship in Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie on Saturday evening. During the ceremonial slogan for the tournament in Germany next summer (June 14th to July 14th), noises could be heard that first sounded like baby cries and later like sex moans. Where these noises came from remained unclear at first.

They were heard before Germany’s last group opponent, Switzerland, was drawn. A murmur immediately spreads through the Elbphilharmonie. There was also occasional laughter among the guests, who mainly included coaches and officials from European football associations. Some looked down in embarrassment.

Even Giorgi Marchetti, the draw manager for the European association UEFA, spoke up. He said, “There are some noises here…” After that, the noises initially stopped. “Oh, they’ve stopped now,” the Uefa official then said and grinned. But it continued.

Five seconds later the noises started again. Laughter in the hall. Danish football legend Brian Laudrup, whose turn it was to draw the lottery ball, looked at his ticket in amazement and couldn’t help but grin.

There was an acoustic incident during the draw with Gianluigi Buffon (m.) and presenter Esther Sedlaczek (l.).

Source: dpa/Christian Charisius

Similar incident in January in England

The Swiss “Blick”, among others, then reported on the excitement under the headline “Sex moans disrupt the European Championship draw”. International media reported that there was heated discussion on social media. According to “Blick”, UEFA later confirmed that the moans could be heard over the background music in the hall. The association did not disclose what the noise was. On X (formerly Twitter), fans speculated with a wink as to whether UEFA might have been hacked.

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Later that evening, English comedian Daniel Jarvis claimed he was responsible for the noise. On X he documented how he obviously manipulated the sound in the concert hall during the Los show. The sounds could be heard on television and in the UEFA stream.

According to participants in the draw, the action was reminiscent of an incident during the broadcast of the FA Cup duel between Liverpool FC and Wolverhampton Wanderers on the British TV channel BBC last January.

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Dangerous body cult

Former professional and presenter Gary Lineker had asked his colleague Alan Shearer a question when suddenly a woman’s moans could be heard. Jarvis claims to have been responsible for that too.


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