Elvis Merzlikin: From Flare-Ups to Family and Performance

He said that the Russian hockey player had tripped and hit himself, but then started looking for the scab because he thought he had tripped on Elvja’s stick, but the Latvian had simply slipped past.

There was a fight between the hockey players until the Russian was dragged away by his compatriot Dmitry Voronkov. Hedger later stated that Elvis apologized to Marchenko and the teammates made peace.

On Sunday, Merzlikin remained on the bench when the “Blue Jackets” lost 1:3 (0:0, 1:0, 0:3) to the local “Bruins” in Boston.

The next game for the Blue Jackets will be at home against the Los Angeles Kings on Tuesday.

The “Blue Jackets” are in 15th place in the Eastern Conference with 20 points in 26 games, while the “Bruins” are second with 37 points in 24 matches.

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