Discover Which Teams Made it to the Quarterfinals of the Inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament: All You Need to Know about the New Cup Competition.

The 2023/24 NBA season brings with it an absolute novelty: the in-season tournament is celebrating its premiere. But what is the NBA’s new cup competition all about? Which groups will the 30 teams be divided into? When is the game played? ran explains it

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced the “in-season tournament” in the summer. A tournament that runs parallel to the regular season – in the style of the European football cup competitions. In addition to the Larry O’Brien Trophy from the NBA Finals, a second title will be awarded starting this season: the “NBA Cup.”

All 30 teams have been taking part in the in-season tournament since November 3rd, and the franchises have been divided into six groups. After the group phase, the competition moves into a knockout phase. The two teams that can advance to the final will meet on December 9th in Las Vegas.

But what exactly does the new tournament mode look like? When do the games take place? And which groups were the teams divided into? Here you will find all the important information about the new “NBA In-Season Tournament”.

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The most important thing about the NBA

NBA In-Season Tournament: The quarterfinal pairings

Tuesday, December 5th, 1:30 a.m.: Boston Celtics at Indiana PacersTuesday, December 5th, 4:00 p.m.: New Orleans Pelicans at Sacramento KingsWednesday, December 6th, 1:30 a.m.: New York Knicks at Milwaukee BucksWednesday, December 6th , 4 a.m.: Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles LakersThis content comes from external providers such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Please enable personalized ads and content as well as providers outside of the CMP standard to display this content.Privacy settings

NBA In-Season Tournament – The Mode

For the tournament, the teams were drawn into groups of five. Opponents are teams from your own conference, but not necessarily from your own division.

Each team plays two home and two away games. The six group winners and the best team in each conference that did not win their group advance to the knockout rounds.

If the record in the group stage is the same, the direct comparison is first used as a tiebreaker, then the difference in points counts, then the number of points scored and then the regular season record from the previous season. If all of this is the same, the decision will be made by drawing lots.

In the quarter-finals, which, unlike the playoffs, is only one game, the best-placed group winner meets the wildcard team and has home advantage, while the second-best group winner hosts the third-best group winner.

The semifinals – also just one game – and the final will finally be played on neutral ground in Las Vegas. With the exception of the final, all matches are also considered regular season games.

NBA In-Season Tournament: Which groups were the teams divided into and what are the final standings?

The 30 NBA teams were initially divided into their conference (East & West). Three groups of five were then drawn per conference. Below you can see all groups and the current standings.

Eastern Conference Gruppe A:

1. Indiana Pacers (4-0, +39) – qualified for the quarterfinals
2. Cleveland Cavaliers (3-1, +29) – eliminated
3. Philadelphia 76ers (2-2, +9) – eliminated
4. Atlanta Hawks (1-3, -32) – eliminated
5. Detroit Pistons (0-4, -45) – eliminated

Eastern Conference Group B:

1. Milwaukee Bucks (4-0, +46) – qualified for the quarterfinals
2. New York Knicks (3-1, +42) – qualified for the quarterfinals
3. Miami Heat (2-2, +4) . eliminated
4. Charlotte Hornets (1-3, -54) – eliminated
5. Washington Wizards (0-4, -38) – eliminated

Eastern Conference Group C:

1. Boston Celtic (3-1, +27) – qualified for the quarterfinals
2. Orlando Magic (3-1, +22) – eliminated
3. Brooklyn Nets (3-1, +20) – eliminated
4. Toronto Raptors (1-3, -21) – eliminated
5. Chicago Bulls (0-4, -48) – eliminated

Western Conference Group A:

1. Los Angeles Lakers (4-0, +74) – qualified for the quarterfinals
2. Phoenix Suns (3-1, +34) – qualified for the quarterfinals
3. Utah Jazz (2-2, -13) – eliminated
4. Portland Trail Blazers (1-3, -39) – eliminated
5. Memphis Grizzlies (0-4, -56) – eliminated

Western Conference Group B:

1. New Orleans Pelicans (3-1, +33) – qualified for the quarterfinals
2. Houston Rockets (2-2,+10) – eliminated
3. Dallas Mavericks (2-2, -8) – eliminated
4. Denver Nuggets (2-2, -10) – eliminated
5. Los Angeles Clippers (1-3, -25) – eliminated

Western Conference Group C:

1. Sacramento Kings (4-0, +30) – qualified for the quarterfinals
2. Minnesota Timberwolves (3-1, 0) – eliminated
3. Golden State Warriors (2-2, +4) – eliminated
4. Oklahoma City Thunder (1-3, +24) – eliminated
5. San Antonio Spurs (0-4, -58) – eliminated

NBA In-Season Tournament: When does the competition take place?

The new NBA cup tournament started on the night of November 3rd to 4th with the first matchday of the group phase. The group stage ends on November 28th.

NBA In-Season Tournament: When will the knockout phase take place?

The knockout round begins with the quarterfinals on the night of December 4th and 5th and ends with the championship game on December 9th.

NBA In-Season Tournament: When and where will the final take place?

The finals of the in-season tournament will take place on December 9, 2023 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two semi-finals will also take place in Las Vegas.

NBA In-Season Tournament: The dates at a glance

Start of the group phase: 3. November 2023

End of the group phase: 28. November 2023

Quarterfinals: December 5th and 6th, 2023

Halbfinale (Las Vegas): December 7, 2023

Finale (Las Vegas): December 9, 2023

NBA In-Season Tournament: Will the teams play more games as a result of the tournament?

No, the teams will continue to play 82 games before the NBA playoffs because the games in the in-season tournament also count as regular-season games.

Wins and losses in the tournament are counted towards the regular season standings. This applies to both the group phase and the knockout phase – with the exception of the final.

NBA In-Season Tournament: Are players rewarded for tournament wins?

Yes, the NBA gave the tournament several bonuses.

Each player receives $50,000 for reaching the quarterfinals. Whoever makes it to the semifinals will receive $100,000. Players on the team that loses the final will receive $200,000. The NBA will pay out $500,000 per player to the winning team.

NBA In-Season Tournament: Where are the games played?

Each team plays two home and two away games in the group stage. All 30 teams have a special parquet finish that is used for the in-season tournament games.

For the first time in NBA history, there will be a cup competition during the season – the In-Season Tournament. The tournament will start with the group phase on November 3, 2023. Based on the model of European football competitions, there will initially be a group phase. The six group winners and the two best runners-up advance to the quarterfinals.© 2023 Getty Images

The higher seeded team then has home advantage in the round of the last eight, while the semi-finals and final will be played in Las Vegas. With the exception of the final, all games also count as part of the regular season. The teams’ courts will also be special. Because they will look different. ran provides an overview:© USA TODAY Network

Los Angeles Lakers
The arena will shine in the classic Lakers yellow, including blue zones. © NBA

Phoenix Suns
The Footprint Center in Phoenix will glow purple with turquoise paint. A matter of taste, but it definitely catches the eye.© NBA

New Orleans Pelicans
The Pelicans at the Smoothie King Center have a dark blue-green combination with a crest in the middle. © NBA

Atlanta Hawks
Light blue court for the Hawks at State Farm Arena. This time without a color combination.© NBA

Boston Celtics
As expected: The TD Garden will “shine” in the darkest green with a touch of brown in the middle. A dream for all Celtics fans. © NBA

Brooklyn Nets
Dark tones at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. As expected, a gray/black tone dominates. © NBA

Charlotte Hornets
The Spectrum Center will delight Hornets fans in different shades of blue. © NBA

Chicago Bulls
The Chicago Bulls will play their home games in bright red – as usual – but with a white bull in the middle. © NBA

Cleveland Cavaliers
Of course, the Cavaliers’ arena will look completely brown. “The Land” is printed in bold in the middle.© NBA

Dallas Mavericks
The Mavericks also remain monotonous with the American Airlines Center completely painted gray. © NBA

Denver Nuggets
The current champion with dark blue and gold paint in the Ball Arena. Definitely worthy of a champion.© NBA

Detroit Pistons
Interesting color combination for the Detroit Pistons. The middle is red, the rest is gray. Definitely out of line.© NBA

Houston Rockets
The Toyota Center in Houston will be painted red and dark blue with a large “H-Town” in the middle. © NBA

Golden State Warriors
Gold in the middle, almost expected from the Golden State Warriors. The rest will be designed in brown to match. © NBA

Indiana Pacers
Gold and light blue: Colorful combination for the Pacers. ©NBA

Los Angeles Clippers
The Clippers will use different shades of blue in the Arena. © NBA

Memphis Grizzlies
A grim-looking grizzly is surrounded by dark gray tones in Memphis. © NBA

Miami Heat
The Kaseya Center in Miami will be designed in the Heat style, i.e. red and gray. © NBA

Milwaukee Bucks
Light brown with green for the Milwaukee Bucks. Matching the green state of Wisconsin.© NBA

The Minnesota Timberwolves
The Timberwolves’ Target Center has been given a gray and blue color mix. The werewolf howls in the middle.© NBA

New York Knicks
Madison Square Garden in New York will be decorated in orange and blue. Anything else would be a farce.© NBA

Oklahoma City Thunder
The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paycom Center will be in blue. The coat of arms in the middle is striking red. © NBA

Orlando Magic
The next team with gray paint. © NBA

Philadelphia 76ers
Of course a big “76” in the middle for the Sixers. However, the piercing red was not necessarily to be expected.© NBA

Portland Trail Blazers
The Moda Center in Portland will also look red – although this is certainly to be expected. In the middle it says “ripcity”.© NBA

Sacramento Kings
A majestic lion will be featured in the center of the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento with a blue-gray background. © NBA

San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs also went deeper into the color palette with a green and gold combination. © NBA

Toronto Raptors
The Toronto Raptors’ Scotiabank Arena will be completely black. © NBA

Utah Jazz
Interestingly, the Utah Jazz’s Delta Center will appear completely purple, not exactly a reference to the Jazz’s usual colors. © NBA

Washington Wizards
The Capital One Arena in Washington also uses the above-average gray with a touch of green. © NBA

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