DFB Cup: Film is intended to protect the grass in the Homburg Waldstadion

As of: December 4th, 2023 4:26 p.m

It’s snowing in Saarland – with a view to the upcoming DFB Cup round of 16 tomorrow in Homburg, that won’t please everyone.

Before the cup clash against FC St. Pauli, the FC 08 Homburg players got their hands on it themselves: In order to protect the grass in the time-honored Waldstadion from snow and frost, they covered it with a special film on Friday – so that the game would not be endangered “, as the club reported on social networks. There is no pitch heating in the Waldstadion.

The film will be covered again during Monday, FCH spokeswoman Pauline Rodenbüsch told the SR upon request. “Then we’ll take a closer look at the condition of the lawn.” It will also be checked whether the lawn has been damaged by the covering measures.

“Of course we now also have to keep an eye on the current snowfall.” As of now, we are optimistic that the DFB Cup round of 16 can take place as planned.

Will the next cup sensation succeed?

“The anticipation of a great cup evening can be felt everywhere. We have a brutally strong opponent waiting for us who is currently the measure of all things in the 2nd Bundesliga,” said FCH head coach Danny Schwarz before the game. “But in 90 minutes you have a small chance against every opponent. I hope we can find these and use them to create the next sensation.”

The Green-Whites are expecting more than 10,000 fans. The association advises that they should arrive as early as possible and ideally by public transport. There are only a limited number of parking spaces available at the Waldstadion itself. The city of Homburg also points out its parking guidance system and numerous free parking spaces at the forum that spectators can use.

The game starts on Tuesday at 8:45 p.m. Should FCH reach the quarter-finals, they will receive a bonus of 1,724,800 euros.


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