Deportivo Cali fans once again marred by fan violence: Match against Junior de Barranquilla suspended due to security concerns

Once again the Deportivo Cali fans are stained. During the game against Junior de Barranquilla for the fifth round of the semi-final home runs, the match had to be suspended when 75 minutes into the game and the Barranquilla team was winning 0-2.

The action that generated the event came when the Bolivian Luis Haquin scored the injury goal for the Valle del Cauca team. However, the play had to be reviewed in the VAR due to an offside by footballer Jhon Vásquez, who was out of place and obstructed the view of goalkeeper Santiago Mele.

When referee David Espinosa was preparing to review the play on the VAR screen, people from the western stand began to throw objects, so it took him a while to see the action. Once he realized the irregular position, he annulled the score and there was an invasion by some fans who went to look for him directly.

The decision to end the match was delayed because there was not the necessary security to remove the referee team from the field. In fact, when they tried to leave through the tunnel towards the dressing rooms, one of the judges ended up being hit in the cheekbone with an object, so the police had to intervene and remove them protected by shields.

“We allow ourselves to inform you that the match between @AsoDeporCali and @JuniorClubSA, on date 5 of the Semifinal Quadrangulars of the BetPlay DIMAYOR II-2023 League, has been ended by referee David Espinosa due to lack of guarantees,” was the entity’s announcement. .

The Deportivo Cali fans are once again in the spotlight, since this year the sports scene was suspended for throwing a can of beer at a linesman. Previously, when Mayer Candelo was in charge of the club in 2022, there was an invasion at the 12 de Octubre stadium in Tuluá and the sanctioned spot also ended.

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