Crucial Meeting Between AFA President and Coach Lionel Scaloni for the Future of the Argentine National Team

This Thursday, in Miami, there will be a meeting that could be transcendental for the future of the Argentine National Team, the president of the AFA, Claudio Tapia, will see face to face with the coach, Lionel Scaloni, for the first time since the coach put his permanence at the head of the world champion team in check.

Scaloni set off all the alarms after the historic victory against Brazil, at the Maracaná, in the Qualifiers for the World Cup in Mexico, Canada and the United States. In a press conference and without prior notice to either the players or the leaders, the coach warned that he had to think and that it was difficult to continue.

Today, just over two weeks after his words, the horizon seems clearer: it is a fact that Scaloni will continue to lead the team at least until the Copa América, which is why he will be present in the draw that will take place tomorrow night and that It will be broadcast on TyC Sports.

The keys to the talk he will have with Tapia will be to iron out some rough spots and point to the programming prior to the continental competition, which includes resolving logistical and friendly issues. On the FIFA date in March, the coach wants to play against teams from Europe, to raise the level of demand. At AFA they had an offer from China and going to the United States is an option.

After the continental competition, which will mark the final farewell of Fideo Ángel Di María, no one can say with certainty what will become of the father of the historic Scaloneta.

Scaloni’s words that questioned his continuity in the Argentine National Team

2023-12-06 13:50:06
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