Club Atlético La Pampa Tennis Tournament 2023: A Success on and off the Courts

With good weather, it was played on the fields of the Club Atlético La Pampa (sports field), two days in which both the players and the family were able to fully enjoy a great tournament, which closed the circuit, which had four individual phases. , a team tournament and the final Master.

These tournaments motivate experienced players as well as new ones who are entering this beautiful sport. They give everyone the opportunity to improve their game and at the same time it also makes social life feel contained, in a place that is a pleasure to share. such as the Club La Pampa campsite (Gastón Vilalta, member of the tennis sub-committee).

During the calendar year, there are more than 150 players from the local clubs Colón, Gimnasia y Esgrima, Atlético Independiente, La Pampa and clubs in the area, who participate in the circuit in the beginner, Fourth, Third, Second and Intermediate categories, doubles and mixed doubles; In this way, players face others of the same level, always finding flexibility in their schedules, so that everyone can adapt their work rhythm to the tournaments.

These circuit tournaments in turn generate movement in the world of tennis and its economy, with the purchase of supplies, clothing, balls, trophies, prizes and the promotion of the companies that sponsor the activity, also valuing the magnificent facilities of the clubs. of our city.

Carlos Pastrone (Sub-commission of Club La Pampa) expressed “We are very happy for the influx of players and family that comes to the club, so we work every day to provide them with excellence in the service of the fields, with permanent maintenance, so that each of the players wants to return to our club, playing in an incredible place, surrounded by trees, where you can enjoy nature.”

Masters Tournament 2023

Results for each category


1° Octavio Sale

2nd Sergio Laurito


1st Pablo Roger

2° Lucas Lavallé


1st Nicolás Bastiani

2nd Julián Latesa


1st Federico Cores

2nd Augusto Cabrera

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