Christmas Concerts and Opera Competition Success: XXI Secolo Association Takes Center Stage in Viterbo and Beyond

NewTuacia – VITERBO – The time to archive the success of the Fausto Ricci International Opera Competition and the first performances of Pagliacci, and the XXI Secolo association returns to be a protagonist on the stages of Tuscia and beyond.

The vocal ensemble Il Contrappunto kicks off the Christmas concerts and on Saturday they are expected beyond the Alps, in Vienna, which comes alive during Advent, with the scent of mulled wine wafting over the Christmas market in the Rathausplatz, with the delightful backdrop of the town hall in neo-Gothic style.

Right in the party room of the Rathaus, next December 9th, the first of the Christmas events of the Viterbo choir founded and directed by Mº Fabrizio Bastianini is scheduled. Exceptional soloists Mariangela Rossetti and Alessandro Fiocchetti, maestro Fabrizio Viti on the piano.

Back in their homeland, the Contrappunto Christmas concerts continue with “Christmas Enchantment” as part of the “Vallerano incantata” event, sponsored by the Lazio Region, on 17 December and with the traditional grand concert at the Teatro Unione, on 23 December, with the EtruriÆnsemble symphony orchestra and guest singer-songwriter Fabio Concato.

A fixed appointment, that of the pre-eve, which the people of Viterbo await with joy, as demonstrated by the pre-sale of tickets which, after almost 3 weeks, is already starting to sell out.

For those who want to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the great Christmas symphonic pieces, with the soloists and choir of the ensemble and the beloved successes of Fabio Concato, all that remains is to run to the box office of the Teatro Unione to purchase the last available coupons.

Soon it will be Christmas and the XXI century association is ready to party in its city.

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2023-12-05 04:11:09
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