Chinese Badminton Team Prepares for 2023 BWF World Tour Finals with Extra Hard Training

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The Chinese badminton team is holding hard training for its troops to prepare for the 2023 BWF World Tour Finals.

Sending the most complete representatives in all sectors, China is seriously preparing for this prestigious tournament.

It is proven that training from early morning until late at night is done by the Chinese team.

Twitter social media @BadmintonBBwrote that the Chinese badminton team started training at 6 am.

Stretching exercises were carried out by Huang Ya Qiong and colleagues wearing thick jackets.

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Practice again from morning till night! The Chinese team woke up and started training at 06.00 in the morning to be ready to fight in the 2023 BWF World Tour Finals,” wrote badminton blah blah.

Yes, it’s currently winter in China but that doesn’t dampen the badminton team’s enthusiasm.

Because they were seen practicing straight away from morning to night.

The extra hard training was aimed at looking ahead to the 2023 BWF World Tour Finals.

The tournament will be held next week from 13-17 December 2023.

It seems that the Chinese team’s seriousness in carrying out this extra hard training is not without reason.

Because it is known, the 2023 BWF World Tour Finals is a year-end tournament that offers quite a lot of points.

It’s not just about points, the BWF World Tour Finals also offers prizes prize money which is tempting.

Points in BWF World Tour Finals

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