Chaos and Suspensions: The Unfortunate Ending of Deportivo Cali vs Atlético Junior Match

Attacks on the referee, field invasion and suspension, on date 5 of home run A.

It’s a shame how the match between Deportivo Cali and Atlético Junior ended, on date 5 of quadrangular A, played at the Palmaseca stadium.

The green and white fans unleashed chaos in the 75th minute, when their team was losing 0-2 to the shark and referee David Espinosa annulled a goal play by the local team for being offside in a VAR review.

Fans invaded the Palmaseca field; others threw objects to attack the central judge. Thus, the match was suspended.

The main problem was how to make the protocol for the players to go to the dressing room after the protection tunnel was damaged.

ESMAD had to be present on the field to guarantee the safety of the footballers and referees.

However, when the referees left the field there were attacks on the referees with objects thrown onto the field.

Finally, Dimayor announced that the match was ended due to lack of guarantees.

2023-12-03 03:55:45
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