Championship Dreams: The Los Angeles Lakers Compete for In-Season Tournament Title

The Los Angeles Lakers are an entity that has everything when it comes to basketball. Rings, MVPs, images to remember… There is nothing missing in the St Figueroa gallery. And for this reason, it is also a criticized team, with an exaggerated face of measurement. But when it comes to competing: greatness exists, it comes out and it is contagious. They are in Las Vegas to be the first NBA In-Season Tournament champion in history after a perfect performance in all the games and a victory against the Phoenix Suns (106-103) that was reminiscent of times past.

Austin Reaves celebrates his decisive triple.

With 102-101 and a few to go 20 seconds were given to Austin Reaves, who was coming off a brutal third quarter (14 points). Received from outside and with a change handball left defensive specialist Grayson Allen behind. And without fear of success he scored from outside to drive the old Staples crazy. Triple winner. His great moment, for 20 points and 6 rebounds, and a pass to the final tournament for the Lakers for whom the format fits like a glove.

LeBron and some Playoff Lakers

Because they don’t need as much order and solidity as when they play Regular Season, talent has an influence and there is plenty of that. LeBron James had an amazing game, 31 points and 11 assists. Anthony Davis showed that if he participates everything works better, scoring 27 with 15 rebounds. And Durant’s 31 and Booker and Allen’s 21 each fought. An exercise in reaction capacity and final resolution.

LeBron James gives one of the best assists of the year

Reaves is a big game player

Darwin Ham

“It’s a Playoff game, we were all ready to play. Giving everything on the court. Yes, intensity like in the Playoffs,” said D’Angelo Russell, gold and purple point guard. And it is logical, many Spotlight goes to Reaves and his final play. “He is a player of important matches. That’s why we want you here for the present and future. He is growing and lives for these moments. “He saved us,” confessed Darvin Ham, coach.

The Suns criticize

Of course, there is criticism of the refereeing on the visiting side. The Suns point out that the referee granted a timeout to the Lakers without having possession. With 11 seconds left and after Reaves’ triple, the guard receives from the bottom. There is a two against one and Booker can steal. LeBron makes the time-out gesture and is whistled. Booker complains because he says he already had the ball. They would have tied the game.

The timeout of the Lakers-Suns disagreement

Everyone saw what happened

Devin Booker

“They took away our opportunity. We were ready to tie the game,” said Phoenix coach Frank Vogel. “Everyone has seen it,” Booker added. A controversial and extreme action that also marked a supreme party in California.

Milwaukee takes out the roller

There was much less story in the fourth quarterfinal game of the NBA In-Season Tournament. The Milwaukee Bucks leave doubts in defense and it is a reality, but when in a knockout match This is a hurricane. They destroyed the New York Knicks (146-122) in a great game by Giannis Antetokounmpo with 35 points and 10 rebounds. They are worth their pass and they put fear in the Cup format.

The Bucks surpass the Knicks and are in the Cup semifinals

Damian Lillard also shone, with 28 points (and more than 60% accuracy) and 7 assists, supporting the Greek. If he scores more than 25 points, the Bucks have only lost once. He is a key piece in attackwho had no mercy on the Knicks from an amazing 23/38 in triples.

We are going to Las Vegas to take care of our business

Adrian Griffin

In Julius Randle, with 41 points, 6 rebounds and 73% shooting from the field, thanks to one of his best performances he could. “We wanted to go to Las Vegas and now that we go to Las Vegas we will take care of our business,” said Bucks coach Adrian Griffin. They are the fourth in contention to be the first Cup champion. It is served.

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