Champions League Futsal Round-Up: Barcelona Triumph, Riga Battle Back

In the sixth minute, Adolfo put the visitors in the lead with a repeated shot from the left side, sending the ball into the near corner of the goal.

At the end of the tenth minute, after a corner kick from the left side and Konstantino Vaporaki’s kick, Andre Coelho headed the ball into his own goal, allowing “Riga” to equalize the result.

The Spanish super club attacked more, Riga players also had scoring moments, but the result did not change in the first half.

At the beginning of the second half, Ricardinho had a good goal-scoring moment for the home team, but for the guests, Pita hit the goal post.

The visitors took the lead by taking the ball away from the Riga side and going out in two against one defender. After a pass from Pitt, Catela hit the right corner of the goal with her left foot from the right side of the field – 2:1 in favor of “Barca”.

The next goal was also scored by the Barcelona club after a counterattack, when the last player of the Latvian team made a mistake. After receiving the ball, three “Barca” players ran towards one defender, and after Erik’s pass, Mamadou Toure sent the ball into the right corner of the goal.

After replacing the goalkeeper with the fifth field player, one goal was recovered for the home team in the 36th minute by Talles, who after a pass from the left corner of the field by Dylan Vargas went to the center with two touches to the ball and hit the ball in the upper right corner of the goal with an irresistible shot – 2:3.

In the second game on Saturday, in the fight for the third place in the group, the French team “Etoile Lavalloise” beat the Italian champion team “Citta di Eboli” 4:0 (1:0).

In three games, “Barca” scored seven, “Riga” – six, “Etoile Lavalloise” – three points, and “Citta di Eboli” – one point.

In the previous group games, the Latvian champions won in the end of the match – 5:4 over the French team “Etoile Lavalloise” and the Italian champion team “Citta di Eboli”. The Barcelona club first drew 2-2 with the Italians before thrashing the French 7-0.

“Citta di Eboli” is the Italian champion, “Etoile Lavalloise” has won the French championship, and “Barcelona” triumphed in the Champions League final in Riga in the 2021/2022 season.

In group B, “Pristina 01” from Kosovo, Portuguese club “Benfica” from Lisbon, Kazakh team Almaty “Kairat” and “Dobovec” from Slovenia are competing. “Sporting” from Lisbon, Sombatheji “Haladas” from Hungary, “Anderlecht” from Brussels and “Loznica-Grad 2018” from Serbia play in group C. On the other hand, Spanish club “Palma Futsal”, “Hit” from Kyiv, Croatian team “Olmissum” and “Lubawa” from Poland meet in group D.

The four participants of the final tournament will compete for medals in an as yet unnamed city from May 2 to 5.

At the end of October, in the Czech city of Pilsen, the Riga players defeated “Gentofte” from Denmark with 9:1 in the first round, beat the indoor football players of “Plzen” with 7:1 and “Radnik” from Bosnia and Herzegovina with 8:4.

“Riga” indoor footballers started the tournament with preliminaries, in which they won all three matches and secured first place in the subgroup and entry into the main round.

“Riga” defeated “RFS Futsal” team 3-1 in the final series of last season’s “Optibet” indoor football league championship. Previously, this club started under the name “Petrow” and reached the first round of the Champions League last year.


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