Celta Fortuna consolidates its leadership

Celta Fortuna continues to go strong and will end the year at the top of the table after a solid and convincing victory in a difficult field such as Fuenlabrada. Claudio Giráldez’s men showed their most pragmatic version to draw the curtain on 2023 with a new victory away from home, leadership and 35 points in the bag. Fortune in an own goal by Fuenla in the final breath of the first act gave way to solidity in defense that ended up coming to fruition, leaving the score at zero and sentencing in a counterattack in the final minutes, with the Madrid team overturned.

At the start, without surprises in the recipes or in the schemes of each other, with a first arrival of Joel López at the baseline and with Miguel very well taking a dangerous cross from the Madrid team with his head into a corner. Celta Fortuna’s first clear shot, after ten minutes when Hugo Álvarez’s sensational personal play to the baseline and with a death pass behind it, was wasted by Alfon finishing poorly, high into an empty goal on the edge of the six-yard box. It seemed that a bad bounce betrayed the Olívicos eleven. Sergio Benito responded for Fuenlabrada after a quarter of an hour, when after a diagonal tackle he shot low from the balcony of the area and the ball was lost very close to the post to the right of the goal Caesar, who had been petrified

In a vertical and very fast Celtic counterattack at 21 minutes, Pablo Durán missed the last touch in the race a little long, leaving himself very heeled and making it easier for Belman to take the striker’s cross kick. The duel entered a more calm phase, with a scare at half an hour in a half-turned kick by Diego Gómez for the locals that was lost close to the squad. Another scare for the integrity of the Vigo frame when a long ball from Belman was ate up by César in the bounce of the ball, Sergio Benito missing by cutting a providential Yoel Lago, although the action was canceled due to offside by the forward of the blues.

Alfon disputes a ball with a rival during the match. Fuenlabrada

Few arrivals from Celta Fortuna until 40 minutes in when Miguel Román tried it, a splendid shot from about 20 meters that the squad was looking for, Belman taking out a saving glove for his team by clearing it for a corner. Giráldez’s team grew and in the 43rd minute they opened the scoring with some luck, when a sensational filtered pass to Joel López put the Celtic behind and Alba, in his attempt to clear, what he did was put the first goal into his frame pm.

After the break, Fuenlabrada went all out with a first shot from Sergio Benito, dry, down, with solid intervention from goalkeeper César. Five minutes in, a devilish cross from Barbosa from the left-handed profile but with his right leg neither Fer Ruiz nor Benítez could finish it by microns at the far post in another dangerous arrival from Fuenlabrada. The local coach burned the boats with a triple substitution while Celta Fortuna defended itself with order and tried to cool down the game, with a good save from César after Barbosa’s lofted header after the hour mark.

Little by little, the Vigo subsidiary was getting rid of the sticky pressure of the blues, and after 25 without looking at the Madrid goal, Miguel Román tried it in a personal move through the central lane with a long shot that ended in a corner. And on the serve from the corner, Manu Fernández’s haircut at the near post could not find a finisher at the second. At thirteen in the ninety, after a hubbub at the exit of a corner, Cristóbal tried with a kick on the balcony of the area that forced César’s stretched feline.

Pablo Durán had the one-on-one from zero to two to ten in the ninety, but Belman cleared the striker’s shot after his splendid oriented control. Of course, the next time the Celtic attacker did not forgive and the rushing arrival of Javi Rueda from the right was finished off at will by Durán with a subtle touch in the area. Pure killer magic. Happiness with the zero to two and that it could have been better, since in added time Bruno’s header in the umpteenth against Celtic crashed into the crossbar. In the end, solidity and forcefulness for a zero to two at home that allows the Vigo subsidiary to finish the launched year.


Fuenlabrada: Belman; Sotillos, Alba, Lama, Barbosa; Buer, Ale Galindo (Cristóbal, 58′); Fer Ruiz, Benítez (Adalberto, 70′), Sergio Benito (Durán, 58′); Diego Gómez (Ilies, 58′).

Celtic Fortune: Cease; Javi Rodríguez, Yoel Lago, Manu Fernández; Tincho (Javi Rueda, 68′), Damián, Miguel Román (Dela, 85′), Joel López; Alfon (Dani González, 85′), Pablo Durán (Raúl Blanco, 90′), Hugo Álvarez (Bruno, 90′).

Goals: 0-1, minute 41, David Alba, own goal. 0-2, minute 82: Pablo Durán.

Referee: Román Román (school of Castilla y León). He admonished the locals David Alba and Cristóbal; and the visitors Yoel Lago, Miguel Román and Alfon.

Incidences: 1,200 spectators at the Fernando Torres stadium.

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