Celebrating Sporting Excellence: Annual Awards in Pesaro

PESARO «In the Marche Region there are 163 sports clubs for every 10 thousand inhabitants compared to a national average of 102 (60% more than the national average) therefore you understand the great work that we are all doing together».

Fabio Luna, president of Coni Marche, declared this yesterday morning with pride and satisfaction during the annual Sports Festival, organized by Coni Pesaro with the patronage of the Marche Region, the Province and the Municipality of Pesaro.


At Palazzo Montani Antaldi on Saturday morning the highest awards in the sporting field were awarded, rewarding those who have distinguished themselves this year with results that touch the commitment of the athletes but also the clubs, managers, technicians, referees, sports journalists and organizers of events.

Here then are the diplomas of sporting merit recognized by the Coni of Pesaro and Urbino to Ginevra Cannuli, Amelia Piastra, Benedetta Necchi and to the Bocciofila Metaurense for bowls; Luciano Contorni, Michela Donati and Cristina Giorgetti for archery; Viola Patrignani for rowing, Maria Vittoria Marchetti and Rosalba Barattini for sports dance; Filippo Canter (14 year old who recently became Italian champion in his category) and Lucrezia Carletti for judo; Asd Futura for the modern pentathlon; Arianna Ovarelli, Luca Nardi, Federica Urgesi and Ilary Pistola in tennis; to Dr. Piero Benelli for sports medicine, Niccolò Sancisi in triathlon, Enrico Battisti in football, Alessandro Rinolfi in motor racing, Federico Roberti, Filippo and Valentina Bartolucci for volleyball, Gaia Piermaria in figure skating and Melissa Magi in swimming.

Value for everyone

«The sports festival is a very important and exciting event and we have decided to celebrate it in every province because in this way we are able to be closer to the territories – adds the delegate of Coni Pesaro, Fabrizio Tito – let’s not forget that sport is important not only for who achieves important results but also for all those who practice it and who, for example in team sports, give their contribution to victory”. Other awards worth mentioning are those from the regional CONI for the exemplary athlete to Alice Pagliarini in athletics; Silver stars for sporting merit for Maurizio Tonelli for sport fishing, Tonino Tonelli and the Bocciofila San Cristoforo for bowls. Bronze star for sporting merit for the boxer Marco Minardi while the Bronze Palm for technical merit went to the sports fisherman Mirko Eusebi.

Silver medals for athletic prowess go to Marco Eusebi (sport fishing) and Riccardo Pianosi (sailing). Bronze medals to Diego di Fabio (motor racing), Edoardo Giorgetti (swimming), Livio Piccolo (parachuting), Elisa Primavera (bowling), Manuel Reggiani (motorboating).

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