Casper Ruud Defends Attending The Weeknd Concert and Discusses Grand Slam Priorities

Casper Ruud showed himself like we had never seen him before a few months ago at The Weeknd’s concert in Stockholm. Among comments that were happy to see the Norwegian showing his emotions, were his critics, who decided to attack him for being at the musical event.

If you criticize me for going to a The Weeknd concert, it means you have a very boring life.”, says Casper forcefully in a press conference at the UTS, according to Talking Tennis. That concert took place on June 23, just two weeks before Wimbledon kicked off. After reaching the final at Roland Garros, Ruud decided that the London Grand Slam would be the only tournament to be played on grass. This angered many fans who felt that Casper was not taking the grass tour too seriously.

On the doubts of his tour on grass

Even so, the Norwegian is convinced on the subject: “It’s great to go to concerts. You get the adrenaline, but in a different way from watching videos to watching it live. I am very happy to have been able to see him three times this summer, and I could have gone to see him three more times without a problem. People may question whether or not I took the weed tour seriously. It was 10 at night, we have a life outside of tennis” explains Casper. He won his first match at Wimbledon, but then lost in the second round to Liam Broady, falling 0-6 down in the fifth set.

Grand Slams or Olympic Games?

The finalist at Roland Garros in these last two seasons and at the US Open in 2022 talks about what the Olympic Games mean to him and whether they are more important than the Grand Slams: “It is certainly a great goal. It is something that happens once every four years. This time it is on clay, at Roland Garros, so these are the conditions in which I feel most comfortable. Obviously, in tennis we have four Grand Slams that, from my point of view, are bigger.

I know there are a lot of people who don’t understand how I can say something like that, but that’s the way it is in tennis. Still, it is a goal. If you get a medal you become something of a hero in your country. That’s something extra that doesn’t always come with a Grand Slam,” says the Norwegian.

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