Carlo Ancelotti’s Agile Coaching Approach and the Evolving Role of Federico Valverde at Real Madrid

The libretto of Carlo Ancelotti It must be agile, foster a culture of continuous learning and adapting to changes to be able to overcome any problem that hits the Real Madrid. And the Italian coach, who has a squad of 23 players, has already seen how 14 of his players have passed through the white infirmary. A drama with the injuries that he has had to solve using his ingenuity, without complaining in the slightest (“Talking a lot about injured people disrespects those who are there”) and your knowledge: the architect of tactics.

“It was the culmination of everything I experienced in my past experiences with the Parma and Juventus. After studying it a lot, I felt that my preferred system (4-3-2-1) was a back four, three midfielders and two playmakers behind a center forward. I owe my success at Milan to the enormous availability of players who knew how to adapt like Gattuso who never protested about having to play more on the right,” he explained Carlo Ancelotti in his book ‘My Christmas tree’, a must-have class for any aspiring coach. The Italian found the formula for success at AC Milan thanks to the flexibility and quick adaptability in key moments of the matchwhere the change in system (4-4-2) when defending allowed them to gain solidity… one that Real Madrid enjoys with the defensive wall (0.60 defensive goals). Seedorf covered the left, Pirlo and Ambrosini were the midfielders and Gattuso covered the right, while Inzaghi and Kaka were the two strikers..

The unmissable reflection of Ancelotti and the sadness of the Madrid footballer: “It costs a lot…”

Thus, the white team showed against the Granada a system change that allowed him to transform the team into a football making machine with the couple in the middle that formed Kroos and Valverde. A double pivot that the Italian has always been very fond of and who has left a new pattern, one that has the falcon covering the backs of the German and the right back. The change from the rhombus to the double pivot, which has come to light after the losses of Tchouaméni y Camavingaallows Kroos to have more freedom to get the ball and not have to watch his back by having Valverde as his guardian angel.

Valverde ‘displaces’ Carlo

Difficult question because it is difficult to say where Valverde contributes the mostbecause he contributes wherever he puts him: as a winger, as an interior, as a pivot. The work he does in any position is very useful for the team“, responded Carlo about Valverde’s best position in the white team. And Valverde has been ‘harmed’ in his new role that asks him to go help in defense instead of looking towards the attack with that dangerous speed and depth which made him knock on the goal door repeatedly.

Heat map of Valverde against Granada. Position: pivot

At this point in the season, the Uruguayan midfielder had 8 goals (six in LaLiga and two in the Champions League) and was leading the white team’s scoring table. A bet by Ancelotti and Fede with the coaching card at stake… ended up getting the best scoring version of the 15th. However, this season Valverde has seen how his ‘wings’ have been cut and his influence in attack has been reduced: a single goal and three assists in 20 games (1580 minutes played). “A little further back it’s harder for him to get there, but he’s had his chance,” he summarizes. a ‘dislocated’ Ancelotti who can’t quite figure out what Valverde’s best position is. He performs everywhere and his versatility has made him his worst ‘enemy’ since it is difficult/easy to decide in the best possible way.

Valverde’s heat map so far this season. Position: interior.

Essential in Ancelotti’s systemthe Uruguayan midfielder has modified his playing style to the maximum: 18 games as a midfielder and only two as an inside player (down from 29-26 last season). His new demarcation has allowed him to change the key points in which to stand out. Now, he shines in the department recoveries (95), averages 5.3 steals per game and dominates the classification of interceptions (24) from the white team. Only Camavinga stands up to him on the defensive level after moving him to second position in the successful entries section (22, for 26 in French). Valverde’s work has always been non-negotiable and his commitment to the locker room, as MARCA already announced, means that Your work is the least showy but one of the most important..

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