Carles’s declining value

The two goals scored against the modest Turégano from Segovia after missing a couple of LaLiga games due to the umpteenth muscle injury opened the doors to the hope of recovering Carles Pérez who last year had been able to convince Celta to pay the 5.5 million euros that Roma requested for his transfer. But that stellar appearance in the first round of the Copa del Rey was a mirage, as Rafa Benítez continued to relegate the Catalan to the role of second option, behind teammates like Óscar Mingueza and Luca de la Torre. What’s more, Carles Pérez has already accumulated three days without playing a single minute and in the last one, the celestial coach opted for the youth squad Miguel Rodríguez rather than for a player who is going through his worst sporting moments since his arrival in Vigo, in the summer of 2022, and when this season he was expected to be an important piece of the team, starting from the left side of the attack. With him, along with Bamba on the other side and with Aspas, Larsen and Douvikas up front, Celta ensured a good offensive line that would help the team avoid difficulties in the classification.

Benítez recovers Carles Pérez for the Cup

“He is recovering his physical level, but he is not the explosive and very fast Carles that you saw. He has had an injury, he has had his problems and little by little he has to recover his level,” Benítez responded days ago at a press conference to a question about the ‘disappearance’ of the Granollers footballer from the Celta lineups. Although the coach then left Carles Pérez’s attitude open to interpretation when facing the loss of ownership: “In the end, the player who does not play, if the team is competing well, has to give something more for the coach to say.” : ‘Hey, there it is.’ You have to see those things in training.”

Benítez does not seem satisfied with the commitment of a player who last season had reached this point in the championship with 17 games played. Only one had been lost due to a technical decision. Then, Carles Pérez accumulated 679 minutes of play in LaLiga, compared to 273 this season. So far, the Madrid coach has only given the Catalan a chance in 6 of the 18 days of LaLiga and only in 2 did he start.r. It should also be noted that he missed five games in the regular championship due to adductor problems. His first muscle injury came after the debut against Osasuna, against which he started. He reappeared on matchday seven, against Alavés, in the last half hour of the game. After he was substituted in Las Palmas, Carles Pérez repeated as a starter against Getafe.

Waiting for Carles Pérez

Since October 8, the Catalan has not returned to Celta’s starting eleven. He was absent due to injury in the next two games and played half an hour against Sevilla. New substitution and two appearances in the final stretch of the duels against Valencia and Cádiz. Against the Andalusians, on December 4, the left-footed winger enjoyed his last games in LaLiga. Three days later, Benítez gave him almost half an hour against Sestao River, in the second cup tie. The next three Celtic matchesCarles experienced them from the bench, even seeing how Benítez opted for youth player Miguel Rodríguez as a replacement against Villarreal.

A footballer who came to Balaídos to become the undisputed starter on the right side of Celta’s attack had disappeared from Benítez’s lineups. We must not forget, however, that his signing generated doubts in the club last summer. Roma demanded the disbursement of the 8 million euros that appeared in the purchase option. After long negotiations, Celta achieved a reduction and the operation was finally closed at 5.5 million. In addition, the player became one of the three highest paid players on the celestial team. His sporting performance is far below the expectations generated at the time of his hiring.

With this irregular trajectory, the price of the Granollers footballer has suffered a significant devaluation. According to the Transfermarkt portal, Carles Pérez reached 10 million euros in market value when in 2019 he appeared in the Barcelona first team as a young man with projection in the beautiful game. His subsequent move to Roma only devalued his price to 6 million euros and that figure has now been reduced to 4 million. In his best moments in Vigo, he managed to raise his price in the transfer market to 5 million, but his disappearance from Rafa Benítez’s starting eleven has led him to lose a sixth of his best price. .

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