Budding Judokas Shine at the Paul-Tort Gymnasium in Millau

In the Paul-Tort gymnasium in Millau, Saturday November 25, two sporting events took place for budding judokas.

In the morning, the first round of the Michel Rohi challenge was held for the youngest. Gabriel Ciuca from the Cavalry Judo club participated in the entertainment proposed by Mylène Rey and Endy Lopes for the baby judo.

In the afternoon, the first round of the departmental challenge was held for chicks and young children. As the youngest, Lou Altounian finished 1st in his group but was eliminated in the quarter-finals by the future winner of his category. Rafael Ciuca, after winning his two fights, finished 1st in his category. As a chick, Titoan Altounian won all his fights and finished 1st in his category. Tiago Da Silva and Typhen Even win all but one of their fights and rank 2nd in their respective categories. The club’s cadets and juniors Tristan Even, Léane Belet, Kobe Drule and Emma Mayoux participated, as sports commissioners and/or referees, in the two challenges.

2023-12-03 04:09:57
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