Borussia Dortmund’s Edin Terzic Criticizes Referee Daniel Siebert and His Decision, Siebert Responds

Edin Terzic clearly criticized referee Daniel Siebert after Dortmund’s 1-1 draw in Leverkusen. Now he explains his decision – and what he thinks of Terzic’s statements.

Always in focus in Leverkusen: Daniel Siebert (left), here with Mats Hummels. IMAGO/Jürgen Schwarz

His team had wrested a 1-1 draw from the previously confident Bundesliga leaders, but Edin Terzic certainly didn’t seem satisfied on Sunday evening. Borussia Dortmund’s coach criticized the performance of referee Daniel Siebert with clear words. Now he has reacted to it.

Siebert sees the fact that he didn’t decide on a penalty for BVB when Edmond Tapsoba made contact with Karim Adeyemi in the 73rd minute as the right decision. “The contact on Adeyemi’s right thigh was so minimal that it did not cause the fall,” Siebert told “Bild”. “So it’s not a swallow, but it’s not a penalty-worthy foul either.”

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Terzic had spoken of a “clear penalty” and also argued with penalties that had been whistled against BVB in recent weeks (“That’s not fair”). Immediately after the final whistle, the coach complained vehemently to Siebert’s team on the pitch.

“The coach’s statements are incomprehensible to me”

“From his point of view, I can understand that in this individual case. But you have to see the scene in the overall context of the game,” counters Siebert. “If on the one hand I don’t give a penalty for Leverkusen in a similar situation between Can and Palacios, then of course I won’t do that on the other hand either. That’s why the coach’s statements are incomprehensible to me.”

When Emre Can came on against Exequiel Palacios, Siebert (kicker rating 4.5) denied Leverkusen a penalty that was actually due. However, Terzic did not mention this scene in his DAZN interview, but instead was annoyed that the nimble Adeyemi was constantly being disadvantaged.

Siebert can’t do much with it. “I can’t comment on previous scenes. But Mr. Terzic can’t expect me to compensate for supposedly wrong decisions from other games. Every game starts from scratch. For me it wasn’t enough to get a penalty on Sunday – and that was it only reason for my decision.”

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