Boca Club Elections: A Round Trip Update on Accusations and Threats

12/06/2023 10:36 p.m. Updated on 12/06/2023 11:15 p.m.

Follow the round trip in Boca regarding the so far failed elections. This time, The ball passed through the feet of the opposition duo of Andrés Ibarra and Mauricio Macri, who held a press conference responding to various accusations of the latest statements by Juan Román Riquelme and also announcing (in this case Macri) the presentation of a complaint on his part for threats to his own daughter.

“Today I had to file a complaint because my daughter was insulted and threatened. This is football, not a war. But threatening my daughter… what is this. “It is the degradation of the Argentina that came to our club and this cannot happen,” Macri highlighted about the presentation that he personally made in court, which was disclosed this Wednesday.

Immediately, the former president accelerated: “This confirms to me that I made the right decision (by presenting myself in the formula) because along this path we are going to continue destroying the club. “This is worse than what Passarella did with River, we must prevent this from continuing.”

About the club’s possible intervention

Regarding Riquelme’s assertion of an intention to intervene in Boca, Macri responded: “10 days ago we were on TV and I told Riquelme: ‘if your ass is clean, clean the registry and let’s vote’… I never told the fans a lie in the 12 years I was there. Everything Boca did was public. She learned that we have to put up with this lying campaign from her friends in national politics and it did not go well.

The presidential candidate added. “There is no possibility of intervention, there is no membership registry. In the months of August to November 2021, 13 thousand members became active. The casualties were not taken into account as the statute says. “They put them through the window.”

Regarding the accusation that the opposition does not want to vote, Ibarra maintained that “we want to vote without fraudulent lists” and in response to the alleged intentions to privatize the club, he stressed that “It is an exact copy of Massa’s fear campaign. They looked for the topics that scare Boca fans and used them. Boca is a civil association.”

“They want to use the club to do politics”

“I don’t know if you saw the flag the other day, it was led by the entire Kirchnerist militancy and escorted by the brava group. For me it was a finished stage, but seeing all this is why I am here today. To take care of our beloved institution, how far are we going to go,” Macri said.

Immediately afterwards, he expressed himself about the situation of Judge Alejandra Abrevaya (about whom the appeals chamber rejected the recusal that the ruling party made of her): “The judge had to ask for protection because of the threats.”

About the 51,000 members of the Angelici management

“You are lying, Riquelme,” Ibarra said, “and those who advise you make you lie. Of the 51,000 that they gave to everyone in the eight years of the previous administration. There are only 29,000. Let’s stop lying and talk about proposals.”

About Riquelme’s surplus and previous debts

Ibarra continued to respond to Riquelme’s accusations: “That they received the club with debt and now they have 28 million, I can say that it is another lie and we brought him the balance sheet. In reality, the previous management left him 4.5 million dollars in cash. In their balance they went from 4.5 million to 500 thousand dollars. Those 28 are accumulating credits that would have to be collected, but they are credits, not cash. Don’t lie anymore.”

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