Barça hit rock bottom with a shocking defeat in Antwerp

There is no game, there is no sense. Nothing escapes the absurd. Neither Xavi’s team makes sense, nor those who try to decide for the coach know how to differentiate the field from the box office. The sofa ball. In this Barça in which nothing is built, perhaps it is destroyed, the evening of Romeo or Koundé is nothing but the metaphor of decomposition football and emotional of a group caught in the heat.

Barça lost in Antwerp against Van Bommel’s team which, until yesterday, had not even been able to score. The Barcelona managers lost these 2.8 million euros with which they thought to cover some of the holes in a management chained to the fictitious money of the funds. I Xavi lost much of the credit between bad decisions and poor performances by some players who will still believe that the fault lies with the environment or the Holy Spirit.

Surrealism has long made a fortune in the club. It’s funny what has happened in the last few hours, with a footballer – Lewandowski – who didn’t even have to get dressed because Xavi wanted to rest him, but ended up starting. Because the Polish is always by decree, own, of the coach or the president.

In this Barcelona where Laporta, of course, exercises plenipotentiary power, the dissidents have little future. Either you applaud and assume, or you deny and let go. At the boardroom table or on the bench. Meanwhile, Xavi and Deco play cat and mouse without noticing the ridiculousness. Lewandowski played 70 minutes. He didn’t even finish.

The shipwreck of Romeo

Although it took barely a blink for it to arrive. Romeu handed the ball to the opponent, either because of his lack of confidence in a place that does not feel like his home, or because his feet and his head are not responding to situations of high tension. That was not a control. Not a bad pass either. It was, quite simply, the mirror of the most earthly terror, the one that impoverishes us without remedy. I the young Vermeeren (18 years old), who already offered very good sensations in Montjuïc, all he had to do was finish the job. So Barça, after starring in a very grotesque first act, could at least reach the break with a draw thanks to Ferran Torres.

But Oriol Romeuengulfed by the ghost of Busquetswas wrecked again. He lost the ball, and this time Janssen scored. With 2-1 and all lost, the young Guiu seemed to save the furniture in the extra time, but there was still time for Antwerp punished the mediocrity of Xavi’s team which is very touched.

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