Badminton Tournaments and General Meeting Organized by Committee 46 in Cahors

It was in Cahors, at the Cabessut sports complex, that the departmental youth badminton trophy took place on December 3. This tournament co-organized by Committee 46 and the Pradines Badminton club brought together around a hundred players aged 6 to 17 from the department’s nine badminton schools. It took nearly 160 matches to decide between the players included in 14 series.

Sunday, December 10: once again with the adults at the Cabessut complex, the Committee organizes the “Circuit Bad 46 adults.”

Competition from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., open to licensees of the French Badminton Federation of Lot clubs. Finally, please note that the 46 Badminton Committee will organize its general meeting on Friday December 8 at the La Chartreuse restaurant in Cahors.

2023-12-07 04:12:00
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