Awkward NBA Date: When Money Gets in the Way of Love

By Joël Pütz | Sports journalist

If NBA players generally have no problem getting closer to women, this ease is not without reason. Their status as millionaires and celebrities sometimes leads to rather funny situations, as a reigning champion recently confided. It’s hard to imagine the embarrassment he must have felt…

Ah, the NBA… if it provides us with a lot of history on the floors night after evening, it is the same far from the basketball courts. Because big league players are sometimes colorful characters with whimsical personalities and this is even more the case when they have a big contract, something that has become common in today’s era where millions are flowing freely. waves.

For some athletes, this is a true blessing since this money allows them to take care of themselves and their loved ones, after growing up in difficult conditions. Others manage to build an empire thanks to it, like LeBron James or Michael Jordan for example. On the other hand, having such means can sometimes involve big risks from a relational point of view.

The ultra-awkward date experienced by Aaron Gordon

Indeed, wealth can sometimes push people with bad intentions to get closer to you in order to take advantage of your money. Dirk Nowitzki had the bitter experience of this during the 2000s, his ex-wife having set up a vast fraud before ending up behind bars. On a lighter note, Aaron Gordon experienced a similar situation as he told Michael Porter Jr.:

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I went on a date with this girl once. I forget where we were going, maybe Chicago or something. We went out together. I arrived there. We sat at the bar, waited for our table, had drinks, etc. She took out her phone. The last thing she looked up on her phone was “Aaron Gordon net worth”… I was like, “This is crazy.”

A priori, it is therefore not with this young lady that the crazy dunker found true love since she seemed much more attracted to his bank account than himself. As it turns out, being rich and famous does not always offer only advantages, especially on a relational level since this type of situation can frequently arise. At least he can count on his teammates to cheer him up.

Because with a good start to the season (14 wins for 7 losses, third in the Western Conference), Denver is off to a pretty good start this year. It remains to be seen whether the Nuggets will be able to retain their title acquired last summer, but the group coached by Michael Malone is united and good humor is present in the locker room. Conditions which necessarily make things easier when it comes time to fight in the playoffs.

We imagine that there was no second date between Aaron Gordon and the girl in question. Even if the inside of the Nuggets was not necessarily looking for great love for the occasion, discovering this kind of thing should not be particularly pleasant…

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