Arenas suffers a new setback in Gobela

Not even on the seventh attempt did Arenas’ first victory come in Gobela despite taking the lead against Alavés B (1-2). Two goals from Maroan between the end of the first half and the start of the second turned the tables after Valiño’s goal.


Oleaga; Alfaro (Ariztimuño, d. 89), Garro, Niwa, Arenal; Estrecha (García, m. 46), Escobar (Huete, m. 74), Lamadrid, Álvaro (Trincado, m. 74); Gabriel and Valiño.



Alavés B

Rodriguez; Egoitz, Garcia, Perez, Stop; Mendes (John, m. 89), Doumbia; Of Lion (Gagua, d. 89), Wardrobe (Aimar, d. 40), Ander (Diallo, d. 82); and Maroan (Enecho, m. 89).

Goles: 1-0 Valiño (m. 5). 1-1 Maroan (d. 44). 1-2 Maroan (d. 54).

Referee: Rodríguez García (Asturian). He showed a yellow card to Gabriel, Valiño; Adrián Rodríguez and Tomás Mendes.

As soon as the match began, the superiority of the Getxo team was evident on the pitch. Toño Vadillo’s pupils got hold of the ball and began to overwhelm the babazorro subsidiary through arrivals from the left wing. Álvaro Iglesias became a dagger due to his speed and, on his second attack, he managed to get the ball into the area. The Vitorian defense recovered the ball, but Valiño, making use of his physical power, stole the ball and on the turn he beat Adrián Rodríguez in the 5th minute. It was the second ARENA home advantage this season. After half an hour, the red and black team gave up possession.

Garro and Niwa were unable to retain the tackles through the center of Aimar who, after entering instead of Ropero, relieved due to physical problems, revitalized the visitor’s attack. It was on one of those occasions when, after a masterful first save from Aimar’s shot, Oleaga could do nothing to stop Maroan’s subsequent header, which tied the contest in the 44th minute. A real blow on the brink of half-time for the Vizcayans.

Once again Maroan was the protagonist to turn the score around. The forward went in from the side and slipped the ball between Oleaga’s legs. Arenas tried to react quickly with shots from the edge of the area by Álvaro García and Valiño, but the Alava goalkeeper prevented the tie.

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