Antwerp’s Victory Over Charleroi: The Impact of Tactical Changes and Individual Errors

Antoine Bernier: “The goal before half-time hurt us, we didn’t have much luck and a great lack of efficiency. But we have a big match on Sunday, we will have to go all out.”

Marco Ilaimaharitra: “Big disappointment, the goal at half-time was avoidable, but that’s the mark of great teams, it’s up to us to adapt. The changes they made hurt us. They went to three at the back and we pressed which created a hole in the midfield and which created more chances for Antwerp.”

Michel-Ange Balikwisha: “I wanted revenge against Charleroi, they scored two goals quite quickly, the coach wanted to rotate, the players who returned changed everything. Our two attackers often came at the central defenders, that made our task easier, we have very good qualities in the team.”

Croky Cup: Antwerp overthrow Charleroi and reach the quarter-finals (5-2)

Felice Mazzu: “The goal before half-time didn’t change everything, we had a good first half and until the 70th minute we were in it and at 1-2 we could make it 1-3. In the end it’s three individual errors that cost us the victory, that’s often how it happens and the score is clearly forced compared to what we did throughout the match. We have plenty of chances, with the penalty we can get back to 4-3, but we are making too many mistakes. It ran for 70 minutes, what we did so far was very good. I’m going to focus on the details, and build on our first 70 minutes and how effective we were, now we have to stay positive. For the moment it’s not just in the Belgian Cup that it’s complicated, in the championship, we’re also in a less good time, we’ll have to raise our heads and go for points on Saturday against the Union.”

Mark van Bommel: “It was a real cup match, coming back from 0-2 to 5-2 is a great result, clearly one of our best matches this season. As for the changes, they made the difference, it was nice for the boys.”

The entry of Janssen changed everything, the Carolo defense too feverish: the scores of the Zebras against Antwerp
2023-12-06 22:21:00
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