Ancelotti: “If you have Joselu, you have to focus more” | Soccer | Sports

Ancelotti: “If you have Joselu, you have to focus more” |  Soccer |  Sports

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The last time Joselu Mato had scored in the Champions League, two weeks ago against Naples, he ended up asking the Bernabéu for forgiveness. That night, it took him nine shots to finally hit the target, in the 94th minute. He had been in a blurry zone for several weeks and the forward, rather than celebrating, remembered what he had left behind. This Tuesday, when he put Madrid ahead at 1-2, there was also some looking back with his scream of rage and punch to the ground. In the last two months, he had barely holed out against the Italians, and in that way.


F. Ronnow, Juranovic (Trimmel, min. 81), Diogo Leite, Paul Jäckel (Sheraldo Becker, min. 74), Roussillon, Knoche, Rani Khedira (Alex Kral, min. 74), Haberer, Robin Gosens (Aissa Laidouni, min. 74), Kevin Behrens y Volland (Brenden Aaronson, min. 81)


Arrizabalaga, Alaba (Rüdiger, min. 71), Nacho, Lucas Vázquez, Fran Garcia, Modric, Dani Ceballos (Nico Paz, min. 90), Federico Valverde (Kroos, min. 45), Jude Bellingham, Rodrygo (Brahim Diaz, min. 80) and Joselu

Goles 1-0 min. 46: Volland. 1-1 min. 60: Joselu. 1-2 min. 72: Joselu. 2-2 min. 85: Alex Kral. 2-3 min. 88: Dani Ceballos.

Referee Rade Obrenovic

Yellow cards Jude Bellingham (min. 35), Alaba (min. 54) and Aissa Laidouni (min. 75)

“I needed a game like this,” admitted the 33-year-old striker, who, however, assured that he was happy with his season. “I have eight goals in mid-December, the first round hasn’t even finished. I know where I am, what I have come for and what I can contribute. You should never lose face,” he commented after scoring his first double with the white shirt.

The key to the victory in Berlin was, according to Carlo Ancelotti, looking for him more after the break. “In the first half, we played very good football, but we focused very little. And when you have a striker of this structure, you have to at least put in seven or eight well-made crosses. In the first, [Joselu] finished one well [se estrelló en la parte superior del larguero] and in the second he scored two goals,” emphasized the Italian coach, who insisted on this idea several times.

The instruction at half-time to come back was to reach further out to get more crosses. The first goal came from a shot from the right by Rodrygo (Unión Berlin claimed a foul in the shot) and the second, from a ball from the left by Fran García. “It was what we had to do,” the white coach returned to the fray. “He is a great finisher in the area. Sometimes, we have to take advantage of his qualities more, like in the second part. He offers us different characteristics.”

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Joselu could also have taken the penalty that Modric missed with 0-0. He is one of the main pitchers. At the beginning of the course, Ancelotti even cited him as the first on the list. In Berlin the Croatian took it on and Frederik Ronnow took it out with his feet. There is a case in Madrid with maximum penalties. Fourth to throw since the preseason and fourth to miss with four different shooters. Vinicius did not hit the mark in preseason against Barcelona; Rodrygo, in Vigo; Joselu himself, against Osasuna at home; and this Tuesday, the Balkan in Berlin.

“Looking for a reason is complicated,” said Carletto. “Luka [Modric] It is usually cold and marking it. It has happened to him twice that he has not scored [el otro fue la pasada campaña en el Mundial de Clubes frente al Al Ahly]. Test [los penaltis] It is not that simple, because it is an environmental problem. In training we are trying with Bellingham, Rodrygo, Vinicius, Joselu… What can I tell you? I hope it can change,” commented the Reggiolo coach, who left Germany with the record of victories for a Madrid coach in the European Cup: 42 in 56 games, one more than Miguel Muñoz in 71 games. The Italian’s winning percentage amounts to 75%. In this group, the white team achieved full success, for the third time under the Champions League format.

On the trip to Berlin, the coach did not go beyond selective breaks. Europe is not a place for massive rotations in Madrid, not even reaching the last day with the leadership secured against the rookie Unión Berlin and with several players loaded with minutes due to the extensive casualty report. Not even like that. Ancelotti saved pieces, but in moderation. Of his permanent team, only Kroos, Rüdiger and Mendy stayed in the starting waiting room. At half-time, the German midfielder gave Valverde oxygen and, later, the German central defender gave Alaba a break. For Bellingham, however, there was no respite. He exhausted the entire evening and in the 89th minute he opened a clearing in the forest for Ceballos to score the third. “There was no risk,” said the technician.

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