Amorebieta insists on its weaknesses

We have already seen this movie. Amorebieta has a very clear weakness which is its lack of forcefulness, both in defense and attack, which is costing it many points. On their return to Lezama, the blues relapsed into those problems and fell narrowly at the hands of a Burgos team that is no longer the worst visitor in the category to transfer that ‘honor’ to those from Urritxe. A tough defeat in a day that complicates the situation for the Biscayans a little more.

True to what was proposed in recent weeks, Haritz Mujika set up the now usual line of five at the back with just a couple of tweaks to the eleven. The suspended Álvaro Núñez returned, who took Jorge Mier’s place in the right lane, and Kwasi Sibo, who formed a duo in the axis with Morán, relegating Carbonell to the bench.

As the Pasajes coach already predicted in the preview, the clash against Burgos was not exactly a beautiful duel. Jon Pérez ‘Bolo”s men came with a very clear game plan that involved accumulating a lot of people near the area and speed on the wings. And it worked quite well, taking advantage of the imbalances left by the Zornotzarra team.


Pablo Campos; Núñez, Manu Hernando, Gayá, Félix (Da Graca, 80′), Lasure; Morán (Carbonell, 60′), Sibo; Dorrio (Rayco, 80′), Morcillo (Quintero, 46′), Avilés (Jauregi, 60).




Expensive; Borja Gonzalez, Cordoba, Greg Sierra, Jose Matos (Appin, 84′); Mumo (Atienza, 62′), Elgezabal; Alex Sancris (Bermejo, 84′), Curro Sanchez, Dani Ojeda (Martin, 71′); and Fer Child (Edu Espiau, 71′).

Goals: 0-1, min. 44: Felix (pp).

Referee: Galech Apeztegia (Navarrean committee). He admonished Félix Garreta and coach Haritz Mujika

Incidents: Lezama, 1,088 spectators.

Despite the push of the people from Burgos and the little presence with the ball that Amorebieta had, the truth is that it was the blues who had the best chances in the first half hour of play. The bit of success that has been weighing down the blues was missing, once again. Ten minutes in, after a robbery by Avilés, Sibo was encouraged with a shot from the crescent that went very close to the top corner. Much clearer was the one that Josué Dorrio, who received with his back to goal but was able to turn well to unleash a whip that went just past the stump of the post.

However, from that moment on, Amorebieta disappeared. Burgos took a step forward in its pressure and complicated the departure of the Biscayans, who could not find solutions. Forced to play long, and without players on the field capable of fighting and knocking down those deliveries, they had to work hard on defense.

Borja warned with a first shot that Pablo Campos cleared well at the near post, Fer Niño was also about to score with another shot that went very close to the woodwork. And in the end, in the 44th minute, in an act of misfortune, it was Félix Garreta who put the ball into his own goal in an attempt to clear a low cross from the Burgos nine.

The solution that Mujika sought after passing through the locker room was to leave an ill-advised Jon Morcillo in the dugout to bring on Luis Quintero to whom the coach is giving an increasing presence. Forced by the situation, Amorebieta added one more wrinkle to their game. Something that was also noticed with the entrances of Jauregi and Carbonell at game time. He almost equalized with a powerful shot from Lasure that Caro took out with his mitt and that Elgezabal was in charge of saving with a header on the same line. But Burgos, crouching and protecting the scoreboard, caused fear from time to time with dizzying counterattacks, like the one played by Dani Ojeda that ended with the ball crashing into the wood.

An impetuous Amorebieta insistently sought offensive positions, generating good finishes. Quintero looked for the square but was missing centimeters. Like Dorrio, he sought to cross a Lasure service first. The blues did not give up their efforts despite the fact that Burgos tried to put the game to sleep using all possible weapons. Jauregi was about to find the goal again after a cross from Quintero, but Caro flew to deflect it for a corner.

Almost in desperation, Mujika recovered his most classic scheme to start playing with two pure forwards. It was constant harassment. But they were not able to break down the wall of ‘the children of the cold’.

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