Amen Scuola Basket Arezzo Prepares for Key Challenge Against Pallacanestro Sestri


It is a key challenge that the boys of coach EVangelisti are preparing these days inside the sports hall in via Golgi. On the one hand there will be Amen Scuola Basket Arezzo, fresh from the victory in the previous round against Olimpia Legnaia. Useful points for the standings to get ahead of the last positions but also for morale given the opponent. A photograph which however also reflects the next opponent, expected on Sunday at 6pm at the Palasport Estra, namely Pallacanestro Sestri who brilliantly overcame bottom player Castelfiorentino in the last round of the championship. Now the first day of the return round.

Amen BC Servizi and Sestri: two teams divided in the standings by just four points with the Arezzo team currently cultivating the dream of increasing the gap. A real test of maturity that the amaranths will try to pass with flying colors. For the occasion, a good turnout of the public is expected in the stands of the Arezzo sports hall to push coach Evangelisti’s team.

Luca Amorosi

2023-12-07 05:53:27
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