Alpine skiing, back and forth between Goggia and Brignone: new parity in the ranking of the most successful Italians

Federica Brignone has been tied to Sofia Goggia at 23 in the ranking of the most successful Italians in history from the Women’s Alpine Skiing World Cup at the end of super-G in St. Moritzin Switzerland.

Theirs duel it is destined to excite and the two will alternate for a long time all’apice of this ranking, increasing the margin out of all the pursuers: third place for Deborah Compagnoni at 16 and fourth place for Isolde Kostner with 15.

It is located in the fifth square Karen Putzer a quota 8then in sixth place there is the first of the active athletes behind Brignone and Goggia, namely Marta Bassino, who boasts 6 successes, and therefore she is very far from her compatriots. He shares the placing with her Denise Karbon.

Alpine skiing order of arrival, results and super-G ranking St. Moritz 2023: Sofia Goggia inflicts abysmal gaps on her opponents


23. Federica Brignone (10 GS, 8 SG, 5 AC)
23. Sofia Goggia (17 DH, 6 SG)
16. Deborah Compagnoni (13 GS, 2 SG, 1 SL)
15. Isolde Kostner (12 DH, 3 SG)
8. Karen Putzer (4 SG, 4 GS)
6. Denise Karbon (6 GS)
6. Marta Bassino (6 GS)
4. Maria Rosa Quario (4 SL)
3. Elena Curtoni (2 DH, 1 SG)
3. Claudia Giordani (2 SL, 1 GS)
3. Sabina Panzanini (3 GS)
2. Daniela Zini (2 SL)
2. Elena Fanchini (2 DH)
2. Nadia Fanchini (1 DH, 1 SG)
1. Bibiana Perez (K)
1. Paola Magoni (SL)
1. Lara Magoni (SL)
1. Michaela Marzola (SG)
1. Justina Demetz (DH)
1. Chiara Costazza (SL)
1. Daniela Merighetti (DH)

Photo: LaPresse

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